Degree Concentrations

The academic programs of Limestone University are conducted within the framework of three colleges: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The College of Business, and The College of Education and Health Professions. The following divisions offer baccalaureate and/or associate degrees. Some majors offer specialized concentrations within a major.

Associates Degrees:

Degree NameCIP Code
A.A. Business Administration/General Business52.0201
A.S. Computer Science/Programming11.0201
A.S. Computer Science/Information Technology11.0101
A.A. Liberal Studies24.0101

Bachelor’s Degrees


B.A. Studio Art50.0701
B.A. Studio Art/Graphic Design50.0409

Athletic Training

B.S. Athletic Training31.0504


B.S. Biology/General26.01
B.S. Biology/Organismal26.0101
B.S. Biology/Pre-Professional26.0102


B.S. Business Administration/General Business52.0201
B.S. Business Administration/Accounting52.0301
B.S. Business Administration/Economics52.0601
B.S. Business Administration/Finance52.0801
B.S. Business Administration/Law22.0001
B.S. Business Administration/Management52.0201
B.S. Business Administration/Marketing52.1401

Computer Science and Information Technology

B.S. Computer Science/Programming11.0201
B.S. Computer Science/Information Technology11.0101
B.S. Computer Science/ Computer and Information Systems Security11.0101

Criminal Justice

B.A. Criminal Justice43.01
B.A. Criminal Justice - Law 


B.A. Early Childhood Education13.0101
B.A. Elementary Education13.0101


B.A. English23.0101
B.A. English Education13.1305
B.A. English/Theatre50.0501
B.A. English/Writing Concentration23.1302

Health Care Administration

B.S. Health Care Administration51.0701

Health Sciences

Health Sciences - General 
Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training 
Health Sciences - Pre-Nursing 
Health Sciences - Pre-Occupational Therapy 
Health Sciences - Pre-Physical Therapy 


B.A. History54.0101
B.A. History/Pre-Law22.0001

Human Resource Management

B.S. Human Resource Management52.1001
B.S. Human Resource Management/Training and Development52.1001

Liberal Studies

B.A. Liberal Studies24.0101
B.S. Liberal Studies24.0101


B.S. Mathematics27.0101
B.S. Mathematics Education13.1311


B.A. Music50.0901
B.A. Music Education50.1312



Physical Education

B.S. Physical Education/Teacher Education13.1314
B.S. Physical Education/General30.0501
B.S. Physical Education/Strength and Conditioning30.0505
B.S. Physical Education/Exercise Science 

Professional Communication

B.A. Professional Communication09.0100


B.S. Psychology42.0101

Social Work

B.S.W. Social Work44.0701

Sport Management

B.S. Sport Management31.0504


B.A. Theatre50.05
B.F.A. Theatre50.05
B.A. Musical Theatre50.0509
B.F.A. Musical Theatre50.0509
Theatre Studies (B.F.A.) 
Theatre Studies: Design/Tech/Management (B.F.A.) 
Theatre Studies: Performance (B.F.A.) 

Graduate Degrees:

M.B.A. Business Administration52.0201
M.S.W. Social Work44.0701