Bachelor of Science in PE | Strength and Conditioning

The responsibilities and professional scope of practice for Strength & Conditioning professionals can be subdivided into two domains: "Scientific Foundations" and "Practical/Applied". Each of these involves corresponding activities, responsibilities and knowledge requirements.

    • Exercise Sciences (Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, etc)
    • Nutrition
    • Program Design
    • Exercise Technique
    • Organization and Administration
    • Testing and Evaluation

Limestone College has been recognized by the National Strength & Conditioning Associations Education Recognition Program since 2007. The ERP Strength and Conditioning Program recognize the colleges and universities that offer at least a bachelor's degree with an emphasis in strength training and conditioning.

  • Must take 2 PE Activity electives.
**After all General Education and Major course requirements have been met; students will need additional elective courses to meet the 123 hour minimum for graduation.