Course Descriptions

Course listings
Code & NameCredits
AC207 - Financial Accounting3
AC208 - Managerial Accounting3
AC221 - Accounting Systems3
AC330 - Intermediate Accounting I3
AC331 - Intermediate Accounting II3
AC332 - Income Tax Accounting3
AC335 - Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting3
AC337 - Cost Accounting3
AC436 - Auditing3
AC480 - Advanced Accounting3
AC490 - Accounting Internship3 or 6
AC600 - Accounting for Managers3
AR101 - Basic Drawing and Composition3
AR102 - Figure Drawing3
AR103 - 2D Design3
AR110 - Introduction to Digital Tools and Media3
AR120 - Introduction to Graphic Design3
AR200 - Photography3
AR201 - Advanced Drawing3
AR202 - Water Color3
AR203 - Beginning Painting3
AR208 - Fundamentals of Sculpture3
AR210 - Ceramics Hand Building3
AR211 - Ceramics Wheel Throwing3
AR213 - Crafts3
AR220 - Typography and Visual Communication3
AR240 - Art Appreciation3
AR250 - Prehistoric Art to Gothic Art3
AR260 - Renaissance Art to Modern Art3
AR303 - Painting II3
AR305 - Printmaking and Design Techniques3
AR320 - Graphic Design III3
AR370 - Contemporary Art History3
AR403 - Painting III3
AR440 - Senior Seminar in Drawing3
AR475 - Studio Problems3
AR480 - Art Internship3 or 6
AR490 - Senior Art Exhibit3
AT188 - Athletic Training Practicum I1
AT189 - Athletic Training Practicum II1
AT200 - First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer2
AT201 - Emergency Care in Athletic Training3
AT288 - Athletic Training Practicum III1
AT289 - Athletic Training Practicum IV1
AT370 - Medical Conditions in Athletic Training2
AT380 - Orthopaedic Injury Evaluation I4
AT381 - Orthopaedic Injury Evaluation II4
AT383 - Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training4
AT385 - Rehabilitation in Athletic Training4