The mission of Limestone University Campus Safety Department is to provide a safe and secure learning, living, and working environment while protecting the university’s valuable assets.

Safety Philosophy

Limestone Campus Safety Department staff acts as facilitators to those in need, helping them to understand and comply with the university's rules, policies, and directives. This is achieved through patience, understanding, and guidance, offered in a firm, fair, and respectful manner. Interaction with students, guests, and staff is conducted with respect to personal dignity, and in an unobtrusive, low-key manner.

At Limestone our job is to provide you with the opportunity to receive a quality education. Our top priority is to keep you safe and protect your life and property. We take pride and great responsibility in doing so. By pro-actively engaging in activities that promote security awareness and crime prevention, we strive to be a safe place to learn, work and live. We maintain the highest standards for ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility in all that we do.

In addition to law enforcement, Campus Safety encompasses campus protection in a variety of areas including safety escorts, first aid, CPR, and emergency response procedures. Our officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have the equipment necessary to perform their duties and carry radios and cell phones to have immediate communication with students and other local emergency providers when assistance is needed.

We respect & care for people.

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and each individual has their own unique personality. This affects the manner in how we interact with people. We strive to provide excellent customer service and treat people with respect. The uniqueness of each person requires that we care for each person as an individual. We believe Campus Police is an integral part of the growth, development and care for students, faculty, and staff.

We acknowledge that laws helps us to live and work together by providing boundaries in our daily lives. In the same way, Limestone University policies provide structure and a level of morality to the lives of our students, faculty, and staff. For this reason, we uphold both the laws of the state of South Carolina and the policies of Limestone University.