Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibility for the governance of Limestone College, serving to oversee and shape its broad policies.

Limestone's President and his or her senior staff are responsible for the implementation of the College's policies.

The Trustees are a highly-accomplished, dedicated, and lively group of people who share an uncommon loyalty for, and commitment to, Limestone and its status as one of the best liberal arts colleges of its kind in South Carolina and across the nation.

List of Classes 2019-2020

Officers of the Board
(2-year terms ending 2021)

Randy M. Hines

David P. Riggins
Vice Chair

N. Eugene Moorhead

C. Samuel Burns

Class of 2025

(Starting July 1, 2020)

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Tony Fisher
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Rick Jiran
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Rahul Mehra
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Phil Orr
blank image
Jonathan Waller

Class of 2024


Julius J. Anderson, Jr.

Paul W. Fleming

J. Brian Honeycutt

Dr. Ana A. Moss

Randall L. Richardson

Class of 2023


Stephen R. Bryant

Dr. Franklin L. Foster

Dr. Michael P. Hoenig

Dr. Michelle B. Jolly

David P. Riggins

Class of 2022


Harold J. Moore

Michael R. Daniel

David E. Dorman

Lyman W. Hamrick

Tommy Windsor

Class of 2021


Ashby L. Blakely

C. Samuel Burns

A. Wardlaw Hamrick

Randy M. Hines

Julie W. Lowry

Charlie S. Patton

Class of 2020

(Terms To Expire June 30, 2020)

Crossie M. Cox

Richard K. Disney, Jr.

Camille D. Hunter

Sidney P. Mitchell

Joseph F. Sullivan

Senior Trustees

(A Senior Trustee may serve for five years before reaching Emeriti status.)

Vera J. Mitchell ('24)

N. Eugene Moorhead (’23)

Tommy E. Martin
(Starting July 1, 2020)

Emeriti Trustees


Nancy C. Carlisle

Dr. Barbara B. Smith

John B. Travers

J. Grady Randolph

Rev. Roy N. Mathis

Sara J. Eddins

Donald A. Yager

Frances L. Childers

Betty T. Clark

Carolyn H. Borders ('24)
(Starting July 1, 2020)