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Limestone University Real Men Lead Program (RMLP)

The Limestone University Real Men Lead Program (RMLP) will strengthen the University’s efforts to recruit, retain, and graduate Black American males by taking a holistic approach to academic and student support services for all Limestone students through the implementation of intentional and culturally responsive services targeting academic preparedness, college etiquette, student engagement, campus and community leadership, post-graduation planning and career placement.

The Limestone University Real Men Lead Program, funded by a Predominately Black Institutions (PBI) Grant, will work to support Black male students by using the following best practices/strategies to increase their engagement, persistence, and college graduation rates:

Academic Support

Each program participant will enroll in ID 150 The Saint Experience course. During this common period, students will engage in activities associated with the academic support for the Real Men Lead Program.

  • Academic advising will include help from university advisors to create course-specific, sequenced pathways for earning a degree, navigating academic and social hurdles, and accessing campus resources to support student success.
  • Academic enrichment and support services will enhance the broad range of academic skills necessary for the participants to succeed in college. Students will focus on time management, reading comprehension, note-taking, writing, critical thinking skills, public speaking, professional communication, and test-taking.


Mentoring will include peer-to-peer and adult-to-student mentoring relationships that foster a sense of inclusion, support students, and provide mentees with advice or guidance on resolving academic or personal issues.

Leadership Development

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Leadership Academy (helping Students Understand Careers, Capital, Education Systems, and Success) will focus on developing leadership skills, strengthening professional skills, gaining financial literacy, and completing service-learning projects. The leadership curriculum will expose participants to current leadership trends and issues significant to leadership development. Other activities will include:

  • Living Learning Community (LLC) – designated housing options will be available for program participants
  • Special events or workshops featuring guest speakers, special presentations, conferences, meetings on topics related to identity and student success, and community forums with prominent Black men to improve social and cultural awareness.
  • Leadership training opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership in planning events and activities and managing/coordinating group meetings.
  • Activities that promote dignity, respect, and trust, such as talking circles, expression through art and culture, and opportunities for male bonding in a familiar, safe place.
  • Civic engagement, such as volunteerism that includes character building and giving back.
  • Job shadowing and internships
  • Participation in a Summer Bridge Program focusing on leadership and academic success practices.

Financial Assistance

Some need-based scholarships and financial aid will be available for participants.

Advisory Board

The Real Men Lead Advisory Board will consist of strategically selected individuals from the University and the community who are passionate about the program’s mission to improve the academic and professional success of black males. The Board’s primary responsibilities will be:

  • Assisting in guiding and directing the program
  • Promoting the program’s merits throughout the community
  • Providing mentorship to program participants.

The membership of the Advisory Board will include:

  • Limestone University faculty/staff members
  • School officials (teachers, principals, central office administrators)
  • Elected public officials
  • Members of the faith and business communities
  • Fraternities and social clubs members