1. Go to the website limestone.upswing.io.
    address url
  2. Login using your Canvas username and password.
    use password
  3. Click this button.
    meet with tutor
  4. Search for your class.
    search for subject or coach
  5. Choose which tutor you want to work with by clicking the photo.
    choose tutor
  6. Select “In-Person” OR “Online” for your preferred session format.
    select where
  7. Choose which day works for you by clicking “Select a time.”
    select a time
    Please give tutors a 24 hour notice before scheduling a session.
  8. Complete these fields and select “Schedule” when finished.
    schedule a session
  9. Notifications will be sent to your Limestone Email.
    Check your email periodically. Tutors occasionally need to deny requests.