Your residential experience at Limestone is an important part of your college life. You’ll be part of a supportive community that you can call home during these significant years in your life. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that we take your safety and well-being very seriously and have processes in place to ensure that Limestone is a safe and welcoming place.


Students must be enrolled full-time in the Limestone University Day Campus to live in the residence halls. Full-time day students may live with immediate family (parent, stepparent, brother or sister over the age of 21, grandparents, or step-grandparents) within a 50-mile radius of the Limestone University campus.

Any student wishing to change his or her status from residential to commuting must complete a Change of Residency Status form to gain approval for the following semester. If a student meets the requirements to change his/her residency, the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Services must be obtained and only the Executive Vice President may give final approval. The University reserves the right to verify the legal residency of immediate family through driver’s license, vehicle registration, and/or voter registration records.

Questions? Contact the Residence Life & Housing Office at 864-488-8373 or at