The Following Guidelines are intended to reduce your personal risk in the unlikely event that an Active Shooter incident should occur on Campus. 

Always remember three key actions: Run, Hide, Fight! 

Monitor alerts from the Limestone Emergency Notification System.


  • Remain Calm
  • Leave promptly using the nearest exit and proceed to a       
  •  location that is more secure if possible, away from the shooter
  • Be aware of alternate exits
  • Alert other persons on your way out about the active shooter
  • Only take keys and essential person items

Second-Hide and Get Prepared to Fight

  • Secure yourself and the immediate area 
  • Lock and barricade doors-use door wedge stops if available 
  • Do not stand by doors and stay away from windows
  • Close blinds and turn off lights, shut all office doors
  • Gather improvised weapons
  • Remain quiet, keep communication at a whisper 
  • Silence cell phones 
  • Keep yourself out of sight and find adequate cover 

(i.e. concrete walls, filing cabinets, heavy desks or anything that would protect you from bullets)


  • Take action only when your life is in imminent danger
  • Attempt to incapacitate the active shooter
  • If you are not alone, work as a team
  • Act with physical aggression, yell to distract, throw items and improvise weapons to incapacitate the shooter

What to report and what to do when law enforcement arrives…

Call 911. Have one person in your area designated to report the incident. The 911 systems could be overwhelmed with calls, but keep trying.

Call Campus Police Department at (864) 488-8344. Give specific location building name and room number. Give the number of people at your specific location, and the number of injured, if known.

Provide suspect info i.e. location, the number of suspects, race, gender, clothing description, physical features, type of weapon (long gun/handgun), and location of the last shots heard. 

Officers might be in police uniform or tactical gear. They might be armed with rifles, shotguns, or handguns. They might use pepper spray or tear gas to control the situation. 

Officers might shout commands and push people to the ground. Remain calm and follow the officer’s instructions. Keep hands open and visible at all times.

The first officers to respond will not stop to help the injured but will continue to find the shooter. Additional rescue teams will treat and remove injured persons.

Do not leave your secure area until an all-clear is given through the Limestone Emergency Alert System.  

Log on the Halo today and confirm your contact information is correct to receive Emergency Notifications