Limestone's IRB was developed in the Spring of 2009.    It was officially registered with the DHHS/OHRP on October 14, 2019 (under Limestone College).  Today it serves students in the undergraduate program, Professors, and off-campus graduate students.

Institutional Review Board Policy Manual

Training for students and faculty is available from the IRB as well as the OHRP website.

See Training Information on HHS.GOV

Research proposals may be submitted at any time. Please be careful to submit your consent form, debriefing statement, and any tests or surveys that may be used.   The completed application goes to the IRB chair, who then distributes it to the whole IRB.  Please be sure to answer any questions from the chair right away. The whole reading and approval process should take 7-10 days.

Application to Conduct Research with Human Research Participants

The IRB Brochure may be printed and distributed.  It is updated each Fall Semester.   Membership is described in the IRB manual.