CORE Values

Staff Council group photo

As members of the Limestone Staff Council, we endorse and support the College’s values. In addition, we amplify them in the following way:


We encourage the open exchange of information and ideas from all areas of the Limestone community. We believe through collaboration and participation, each of us has an important role in determining the direction and well-being of the Limestone community.


We highlight the work and contributions of faculty and staff, and tell the story of how the two are supporting student recruitment, success, retention, and Limestone’s mission.


We value fairness, straightforward conduct, adherence to the facts, and sincerity. As stewards of Limestone, we are honest, transparent, accountable, and ethical in all responsibilities entrusted to us.


We facilitate forums to represent the best interests of Limestone which include addressing concerns, recognition, and development opportunities to benefit faculty and staff to meet the needs of the Limestone community.