Teacher Cadets Program

South Carolina Teacher Cadet Program

Piloted in four South Carolina high schools in 1985, the Teacher Cadet Program has since grown to 170 high schools in the state and serves over 2,500 high school juniors and seniors annually. The primary goal of the program is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. An important secondary goal of the program is to provide these talented future community leaders with insights about teachers and schools so that they will be civic advocates of education.

With such a rich tradition of educating some of the most accomplished teachers in the region, Limestone College seems a natural choice to host Teacher Cadets. Since 2005, 22 graduates of Limestone's Education program have been named Teacher of the Year by either their school or school district, and 23 have been named Distinguished Teachers of Reading.

The Limestone program offers degrees in teacher education in the areas of English, early childhood education, elementary education, mathematics, music, and physical education. The program continues to add new components to its roster of degree offerings. Recently, Limestone was approved by the South Carolina State Department of Education to offer an Early Childhood Education degree program and has also just been approved by the South Carolina Department of Education to offer an undergraduate course in middle level curriculum and organization for add-on certification purposes.