Mission Statement

The mission of Limestone University is to educate students from diverse backgrounds in the liberal arts and selected professional disciplines. By providing degree programs throughout South Carolina and by way of the Internet, Limestone University offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, including to those individuals who may find access to higher education difficult. In a nurturing, supportive environment based on Christian ideals and ethical principles, students are challenged to become critical thinkers and effective communicators who are prepared for responsible citizenship, successful careers, and graduate study.


Limestone University’s vision is to continually foster a mentality of growth, responsible citizenship, and community for all constituents within the traditional ideals of a liberal arts environment while adapting and changing to meet the needs of current and future students.


Limestone expects its students to be concerned with two closely related types of development: that of the productive citizen and that of the person working toward intellectual maturity and self-awareness. The undergraduate experience serves as a catalyst for the student’s intellectual development and as a means by which each student may reach his or her potential.

Limestone University values excellent teaching and supportive student-faculty interaction encourage faculty to promote active learning in face-to-face and Internet classrooms and seeks to cultivate the intellectual curiosity of each member of the University community. Because our society presents continuing challenges to values, students are encouraged to cultivate respect for other individuals and cultures. Limestone University is a diverse community of women and men of different races, religions, geographic origins, socio-economic backgrounds, personal characteristics, and interests. It aspires to be a community of learners that is harmonious in its differences, just and compassionate in its transactions, and steadfast in its commitment to an educational program of the highest quality. The University respects each student’s religious liberty and provides an environment consistent with the institution’s non-denominational Christian heritage.

Limestone University, fulfilling its leadership role in South Carolina, strives to enhance aesthetic and cultural life, integrate qualities of liberal education and career preparation, improve the quality of social services, help meet human resource needs, and promote economic vitality.