Staff Council

Bylaws of the Limestone Staff Council

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The Staff Council is an elected body that serves as a liaison between Limestone staff and the Office of the President.

A. Establishment

On Friday, March 16, 2018, the LSC was appointed by Dr. Darrell Parker to formulate a council to represent the staff of Limestone. The first full session of the council began with the establishment of 12 members on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

B. Membership

The Limestone Staff Council will consist of ten (10) LSC members for a two-year term. After the two-year term, a member will not be eligible for re-election for a minimum of 1 year. The establishment of the terms of the members will be staggered.

C. Charter Of The Limestone Staff Council

Article I. Constituency

The LSC will elect council members to terms of two years in May to serve the institution’s academic year. To meet shifts in the staff structure, the council shall reapportion every fourth year (if necessary) in April, to maintain a balance of staff representation.

Article II. Eligibility

To be eligible for election to the LSC a staff member must:
     a. Be a permanent full-time staff member,
     b. Have completed at least six months of service to the College,
     c. Not hold full-time faculty status, and
     d. Shall not hold a Vice Presidents position.

Article III. Method of Election

Current LSC members will reach out to all staff requesting nominations of individuals to serve on the council. After nominations are completed, the individuals will be allowed the option to accept or decline the nominations. A ballot of the nominees will be sent to the staff designating which area the staff member serves (Athletics, Enrollment Management, Finance, Institutional Advancement, Communications & Marketing, Provost, Student Life, and Student Success). Staff will vote for the number needed to fill vacancies.

Voting will be processed by an electronic ballot. The electronic ballots will be submitted to the presiding Chair and the Director of Human Resources for verification who will calculate the results. The Chair will contact the members-elect for their acceptance as members of the LSC. The announcement of election results will be made on the last business day in May of each year.

In the event a council position is vacated; a special election will be held during the year using the above process.

Article IV. Officers

The LSC will have a Chair, a Chair-Elect, and a Secretary. The Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary will be elected for a term of 1 year by the current LSC members.

A. Chair
  • Schedules the time and place for each Council meeting.
  • Presides over all regular and special meetings.
  • Prepares an agenda for the Secretary to post.
  • Serves as the official Council representative to meetings as requested.
  • Appoints a parliamentarian to ensure that the Staff Council abides by Robert’s Rule of Order when conducting a meeting.
  • Votes on motions only when his/her vote shall affect the outcome of the results.
B. Vice Chair
  • Assists the Chair
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the Chair whenever the Chair is absent or unable to perform his/her duties.
  • Secures and reserves the meeting place for regular meetings.
  • Succeeds the Chair if he/she cannot complete his/her term.
C. Secretary
  • Distributes copies of the agenda and meeting notices.
  • Records attendance and advises the Chair if a Quorum is present.
  • Prepares and distributes minutes of each meeting.
  • Submits official correspondence.
  • Maintains records and copies of approved minutes.

The Director of Human Resources and the Executive Assistant to the President shall serve as non-voting ex-officio members of the LSC. Acting in an advisory capacity, these representatives will be invited to attend all meetings and will serve as information resources regarding State and institution regulations, policies, and procedures. When appropriate, they may also function as a liaison between the College Administration and the LSC. The Director of Human Resources and the Executive Assistant to the President will be allowed to submit agenda items to the LSC for discussion/consideration; they are not to participate in a vote.

Article V. Quorum

A quorum of the LSC will consist of seven (7) voting members. If there is not a quorum present, the meeting will continue. However, there shall be no votes recorded, and the minutes shall not be approved until the next meeting.

Article VI. LSC Members

Section 1. Council members are expected to participate in all LSC meetings.

Section 2. Council members will represent the staff as a whole. When and where appropriate, they shall voice concerns, and bring news of LSC discussions and actions back to all Limestone staff.

Article VII. Powers and Functions

Section 1. The LSC will be authorized to create ad hoc subcommittees from its membership to address issues relating to staff such as retention, training, benefits, and recognition of the staff. All eligible staff members are invited to attend and observe the LSC meetings, but voting is limited to the elected members.

Section 2. The LSC will act in an advisory capacity to the President of the institution and Cabinet in matters relating to the staff of Limestone. Authorized representatives will attend meetings and will maintain communication with the Board of Trustees, but only with the knowledge and consent of the President of Limestone.

Article VIII. Amendment Procedure

A motion of amendment to the Charter of the Limestone Staff Council shall carry if, and only if, it receives the support of two-thirds of elected members of the LSC. The President of Limestone will confirm any changes to the by-laws.


Under no circumstances will the name of the staff member submitting a question or issue be used when the LSC transmits the concern unless the staff member gives them written permission to do so. The Chair will prioritize the items and attempt to refer them to the appropriate office or administrator.