The Limestone University Testing Center adheres to strict standards that address the responsibilities and behaviors of students and personnel in the testing center. Please visit NCTA Testing for additional details.

Individuals testing in the Limestone University Testing Center must present a current, authentic identification at the time of testing. The ID must include a photo (i.e., driver’s license, passport, state issued ID, military ID, or LCard). Please note that the LCard is valid for Limestone University exams only.

Limestone University Testing Center personnel will refuse admission for:

  • Failing to provide the required identification
  • Presenting identification that appears to be falsified or tampered with
  • Presenting identification with a photograph that does not resemble the candidate

When using the Limestone University Testing Center, candidates may only use materials approved by the instructor in writing. All personal items are to be left in the Coordinator of Testing Center’s office; personal items are not allowed in the Testing Center. Prohibited items include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Cellphones (not to be used as calculators)
  • Scratch paper*
  • Purses/Wallets
  • Bookbags
  • Apple/Smart Watches/Fitbit
  • Flash drives
  • iPod/MP3 Players
  • iPad/Tablets/E-Readers
  • Cameras
  • Personal data assistants (PDAs)
  • Pagers
  • Books/Notes
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal computers
  • Food and drinks

*students are not permitted to bring their own scratch paper. The Limestone University Testing Center will provide scratch paper, pencils, and basic calculators as needed by the student and approved by the instructor.


The Coordinator of the Testing Center and Testing Proctors are responsible for directions, distribution, intake, compliance, and security of all examinations. All personnel stand in agreement with all testing instructions, policies, and responsibility to provide confidentiality.

Additionally, the Limestone University Testing Center is equipped with camera surveillance with TV monitoring, NetSupport School, and individual proctors monitoring the center at all times.

Testing security is maintained by protecting all testing materials from loss, unauthorized access, and reproduction. The Limestone University Testing Center personnel may not:

  • Reproduce test content, usernames, or passwords for unauthorized use
  • Photocopy any testing materials, unless authorized by the instructor
  • Sell or disclose testing content, usernames, or passwords to any person or organization (public or private).
  • Provide “practice materials” or expose students to test content, usernames, or password.

All testing materials are stored in a secure location that is only accessible to Limestone University Testing Center personnel. The Testing Center will only print out material, from instructors, when a candidate arrives for their appointed day and time. All testing materials, usernames, and passwords must be distributed and returned using procedures that prevent exposure of test content, candidate’s personal information, and/or candidate’s test results.

All testing materials (i.e., exam, scratch paper, calculator) must be returned to the Testing Center personnel immediately after test completion to be stored in the secure location until the instructor retrieve the exam, and/or the completed exam is sent via email to the instructor.  If the exam is sent via email, the exam will remain in the secure location until the completion of each academic semester.

All examinations will be administered and answered in English. If you are a candidate that is in need of translation tools, the request must be noted in written format from the instructor; otherwise, there will be no translation tools while completing the examination. In addition, candidates are not allowed to use reference materials (i.e., dictionaries, textbooks, etc.) unless specifically directed in writing by the instructor.

All testing materials, including computers, will be supplied by the Testing Center.

Candidates must complete their examination in one (1) uninterrupted session.

Exams delivered by students, including work-study students, will not be accepted. The preferred method of exam delivery is via email. Exams may be delivered by the instructor or through campus mail as well.


Limestone University students who are in need of testing accommodations, such as oral test administration, should contact Tawana Scott, via (864) 488-8377 or


If a Limestone University candidate is caught cheating, testing will cease immediately, and the incident will be reported to the instructor.

For non-Limestone University candidates, the test will cease immediately, and the incident will be reported to the instructor. Test fees will not be refunded.


Any candidate causing a disturbance, engaging in any type of misconduct, showing a treat to personnel and other candidates, will be dismissed from the Testing Center by Campus Security.


Candidates must get permission from the Testing Center personnel to use the restroom during testing administration. All testing materials will be collected from the candidate and they are not allowed to access any personal belongings on their exit from the Testing Center while going to the restroom. No additional test time will be granted.


For a fee of $20.00 per examination, the Limestone University Testing Center offers paper-based and computer-based proctoring services to individuals from other institutions, businesses, and community organizations. These services are provided by appointment only and the fee to be paid online using an active debit/credit card. There is no cash exchange for the sitting fee and no refund for cancellation.


CLEP and DSST Examinations are given by appointment only. As a Limestone University student, prior authorization to take a CLEP and/or DSST comes from the Registrar’s Office. No administration will be given unless the student has been approved to take the exam. Students must fill out the credit-by-examination form per exam for approval.

CLEP Exams: You will need to visit and register for your exam and pay the exam fee of $89.00 (per exam) using an active debit/credit card. On test day, please bring the ticket ID that you will receive after your purchase.

DSST Exams: On test day, you will build a profile and pay the $100.00 (per exam) using an active debit/credit card. Additional information can be found via


Limestone University Online Program uses an online proctoring service as a more efficient and convenient way to maintain academic integrity in online and hybrid courses. This means that you won’t use a human proctor for your course. The service is fully integrated within Blackboard and available 24/7.

Proctorio will require the use of a webcam and microphone (internal or external). If you do not have access to a webcam and microphone, you may take your exam with the Testing Center located in Gaffney, SC by making an appointment. Additionally, there will be computers available to use at our campuses across the state of South Carolina (Aiken, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, and Greenville).

For technical support, Proctorio has 24/7 help available at There is a chat option available there as well. 

For additional information regarding Proctorio, please visit Test Proctor Information.