Limestone University Honor Pledge

“Honesty in personal and academic matters is a cornerstone of life at Limestone University. Students are expected to achieve on their own merits and abilities, to exercise integrity in all their affairs, and to refrain absolutely from lying, cheating, and stealing.” (The Student Handbook)

As a Limestone University student, I agree to refrain from academic misconduct, as defined in Section III of Limestone University's Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct in The Student Handbook. I further understand that there are serious consequences for academic misconduct, outlined in Limestone University's Policies and Procedures for Academic Conduct.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct may include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Plagiarism, or the failure to properly credit the work of another person, thereby allowing others to assume that the work is original,
  2. Copying another student’s work,
  3. Collaborating by allowing another student to copy work which has been created by the collaborating student himself/herself,
  4. Purchasing a paper from services or from other students and submitting it as one’s own work,
  5. Submitting work as the student’s own which has been created, in part or wholly, by another individual
  6. Doing work for someone else and submitting the work under a name other than your own,
  7. Cheating:
    • Copying from the paper of another student.
    • Allowing other students to copy from work that is not their own or aiding them in doing so.
    • Referring to any materials that the instructor has not specially authorized for use during a test or assignment.
    • Inappropriately obtaining the contents of an examination.