The transition from high school to college is an exciting time for students as they find their own way and adjust to the new surroundings. College life comes with new freedom, experiences, and challenges, but Limestone students are not alone. The campus provides a supportive environment as students explore and discover who they are. The Office of Student Success delivers services, programs, and resources to assist your student in making a positive transition to our campus and to encourage them along the way.  

As parents or guardians, you can empower your students to take ownership of their education. Encourage them to seek help from our office for any support needed. Tips to help with encouraging your student to be successful at Limestone are listed below:

  • Ask your students how classes are going and how they are adjusting to the college atmosphere.
  • Be supportive with your students and encourage them to advocate for themselves when they need to seek academic help.
  • Encourage them to talk to their professor during office hours if they are having a difficult time in the class. Also, encourage them to seek tutoring services in our Academic Success Office.
  • Advise your students to complete things early such as registration, financial aid, Success Coach meetings, etc.
  • Encourage them to see their Student Success Coach.

Please feel free to look at our FAQs section for more information. Welcome to the Limestone family!

FAQs for Parents/Family and Students


  • Do parents/guardians receive a copy of their student’s grades?
    • According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students must give written consent for their records to be released to anyone other than themselves.
  • What requirements must students meet to be in good academic standing?
    • Students must meet the required cumulative GPA for their year (Freshman- 1.3, Sophomore- 1.6, Junior- 1.8, and Senior- 2.0) as well as pass 67% of the attempted courses each semester.
  • How do you calculate the 67% needed to remain in good standing?
    • You divide the number of hours that you pass by the number of hours that you attempted each semester. (Ex. You attempted 12 hours but only passed 9. You would divide 9 by 12 which gives you .75 or 75%. This means you have met the required 67%.)
  • What happens if a student is put on academic probation?
    • The student has one semester to achieve the appropriate GPA and pass 67% of the hours attempted.
  • My student needs to discuss grades with a professor but is afraid to do so. What would you suggest?
    • The Office of Student Success sponsors a program called Coffee and Conversation where the student and professor can meet in a relaxed setting to talk. Students are provided a free ticket for two beverages from the Starbucks on campus which they can share with their professor. The ticket may be requested through our online link or by stopping by the Academic Success Center in Dixie 103.


  • How much do tutoring services cost?
    • Tutoring services are free for Traditional Day students.
  • What type of tutoring services do you offer?
    • A student may receive private, face-to-face tutoring or online, virtual tutoring through our Upswing program. We will begin offering group study sessions facilitated by a peer tutor beginning in the Fall 2017 semester.
  • How does a student sign up to receive tutoring?
  • What classes are available for tutoring?
    • We provide tutoring for most courses offered to traditional day students. A complete list of the courses is listed on the Upswing website.

Success Coaching

  • What is Success Coaching?
    • Success coaching is an individualized meeting with a trained professional who wants to help students reach their goals. Conversations with a Success Coach will focus on learning strategies, life management and goal attainment. A meeting with a Success Coach is the best way for a student to personalize their education and stay on track to graduation. It provides them the opportunity to talk about their own experience at Limestone, in and out of the classroom, and what resources they need to achieve their goals.
  • How often should students meet with their Success Coach?
    • It is recommended that students see their Success Coach at least three times per semester; however, a student may come as often as desired.
  • When are the Success Coaches available?
    • The Success Coaches are available at varying hours between 8:30 am and 10:00 pm. Students may visit our scheduling page to see when a particular Success Coach will be in the office.
  • How does a student sign up for success coaching?
    • A student may sign up for success coaching by using the “Book an Appointment with your Success Coach” link on our website.
  • How will the students know who their Success Coach is?
    • All majors have been divided between the Success Coaches. Visit the Success Coaching portion of our website for more information.
  • What is a Success Workshop?
    • The Student Success Coaches offer workshops that give students tips on how to be successful personally, academically, and professionally. These workshops include information on how to prepare for exams, how to work in groups, etc.
  • How many workshops are there in a semester?
    • All students have the opportunity to attend five workshops during each semester. Students receive a ticket for each workshop they attend to be put in a monthly prize drawing.

Accessible Education/LEAP

  • Learn more about Dietary Accommodations, Housing Accommodations, Emotional Support Animals and more at:
    Equity and Inclusion
    The Equity and Inclusion Office at Limestone University is dedicated to opening doors of equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities.