Limestone Student Achievements

Limestone College documents and evaluates student achievements in fulfillment of its mission:

 “In a nurturing, supportive environment based on Christian ideals and ethical principles, students are challenged to become critical thinkers and effective communicators who are prepared for responsible citizenship, successful careers, and graduate study.”

The college measures and documents student achievement using various measures which include professional licensing data, exit exams, employment, honors (honor societies and publications) and survey data from new graduates.  Each measure is appropriate to the continuance of Limestone College’s stated purpose and mission.

Enrollment Data (College Navigator: Enrollment)

Graduation and Retention Rates (College Navigator)


Accredited Programs 

(includes licensing information where applicable)

This section contains graduate schools attended by our graduates, as well as data from our annual Graduation Survey. The survey was originally intended to be a way to keep up with graduates’ correct mailing address and e-mail data. Today it also includes questions on, for example, topics regarding skills, employment, and graduate school plans.

Graduate Schools

Many of our students choose to further their education at the graduate level after completing their degree at Limestone. View a list of graduate programs attended by Limestone College graduates from 2008 through 2013.