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SCTS 4.0 Training

Candidate Resources for Application to Teacher Education Program

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is by written application. Students seeking teacher certification must successfully complete courses in general education, professional education, and the area of specialization. Prior to the application for entrance into the Student Teaching Program, students should successfully complete institutional requirements in verbal and quantitative skills.

The following steps must be completed by students seeking admission:

  1. Submit passing scores on all three sections of the Praxis Core examination as required by the State of South Carolina. Praxis Core is a test of basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics which state regulation requires a student to pass before being admitted to a Teacher Education Program. No student will be allowed to register for any education course numbered above ED 300 or for any content area methods course until he/she submits passing scores on all three sections of Praxis Core. A student may be exempt from the Praxis Core requirement if he/she documents a score of 1100 on the three-part Scholastic Aptitude Test (taken after March 5, 2016) or 22 on the American College Test.
  2. Complete Education 200 with a grade of C or better. Graduates of the Teacher Cadet Program receive transfer credit for Education 200.
  3. Complete 45 semester hours of college credit which appears on the advisory records with a cumulative Grade Point Ratio 2.75.
  4. Submit an application form and three letters of recommendation (or reference forms), one from a professor of general education, one from a professor in the education program, and one from a public school professional.
  5. Gain approval by the faculty of the academic division of Limestone University in which the degree program is administered. (English Education candidates must adhere to the essay and interview process outlined by the English department.)
  6. Gain approval by the Teacher Education Committee.

Teacher Education Program Documents