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Navigate - Limestone's Success Network

The Navigate computer-based tool is a comprehensive platform that provides the Limestone student support network with information to help every student make smarter choices. Navigate provides student-specific information in real-time that can be accessed by administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, and staff in a coordinated care network designed to help proactively manage student success and deliver a return on education.


Faculty and Staff members, log into your EAB Navigate dashboard with your Limestone issued username and password.

The link to the dashboard is:



Why use Navigate?

Student Risk Data

Predictive analytics and real time academic and behavioral data identify students at-risk for attrition. This includes pre-enrollment information, student demographics, course registrations, academic records, and transfer articulation. 

Proactive Interventions

Easy to use communication tools designed to extend the reach of advisors and facilitate engagement with students.

Campus-wide case management

Advisors coordinate student care, refer them to support services, and receive reports to close the loop.

Central Reporting

Use of effectiveness reports allow administrators to make continuous improvement to services. 

Have Answers at Your Fingertips

Find the information you need without the wait.

Get Started

Instructional Guides

Navigate Training Guide

How to: set up your availability, use the calendar, schedule an appointment, search student

Navigate Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide to the Navigate tool

Using Navigate

Need Help? 

When using Navigate, you will see a "?" in the top, right of the screen. Clicking this help icon (?) will allow access to a variety of help topics, most with short "how to" videos.


Navigate Ambassadors

Need assistance? These Navigate Ambassadors can help:

•    Navigate Ambassador Names, Navigate Ambassador Titles and Email Addresses

Please reach out to any of these individuals with Navigate related questions.


What is Navigate?

Navigate is a student success application that guides students from orientation to graduation. It helps them explore majors, navigate requirements from financial aid to course registration, and stay on top of important dates and deadlines—right in the palm of their hand.

Navigate also offers faculty, advisers and administrators comprehensive information about a student to support their success. Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Appointments: allows scheduling with advisers, faculty and counselors, holds meeting notes and syncs with calendars
  • Deadlines: reminds students of important dates and actions needed
  • Campus engagement: directs students to resources on campus
  • Progress reports: sources feedback and updates on students
  • Alerts: triggers a “red flag” for specific behaviors or concerns related to a student

Why are we implementing this system?

In spring 2018, leaders across campus were challenged to identify ways to elevate the student experience as part of our Limestone 2020 strategic plan to increase retention and graduation rates. Following design thinking exercises and committee meetings, the group proposed implementing a tool to share information across departments and improve students’ access to campus resources.

Navigate will fulfill this need by providing students with a practical guide to resources on campus and more transparency on deadlines and requirements. The tool will also allow employees to better advise students based on a complete view of their status with the University and to create timely warnings when a student does not complete important steps to advance in their Limestone career.

How will this help me?

Navigate is a one-stop-shop that provides a holistic view of students’ progress at the college and makes student information easily available, sortable and actionable. It will also help you connect students to support services across campus.

How will this improve the student experience?

Navigate helps students stay on top of things they need to do and keeps them engaged on campus. With your support, these are some of the benefits students will experience.

  1. Deadlines: From attending orientation to preparing for finals, there’s a clear timeline of what tasks students need to complete.
  2. Choosing a major: It helps students find the right major based on interests and goals.
  3. Support services: A clear list of campus resources, from academic advising to financial aid, refers students to their designated support network. Students can make appointments, and sync them with their calendar.
  4. Student Financial Services: Critical reminders help students complete their FAFSA, pay tuition and more.
  5. Resources: Navigate assists students in engaging academic, athletic, social and cultural opportunities.

How will this support retention?

Navigate offers an improved holistic view of a student’s experience at Limestone. Faculty and other administrators will have the opportunity to see when a student is at risk.

Who should use Navigate?

All students, advisers and faculty, as well as staff in student service roles such as Financial, Student Success, and Enrollment Services, will use Navigate.

Is it an app or a desktop website?

Navigate has both a desktop site and mobile application. Students will primarily interact with Navigate through a mobile app whereas Limestone staff will use a separate, but integrated, desktop application geared for their needs. Navigate works best on Google Chrome on your iPad or desktop computer.

What are the added benefits and capabilities?

Faculty will be able to communicate through the platform via email or text, as well as make advising appointments. Furthermore, advisers will have greater transparency into a students’ record with the university in order to avoid course registration delays. 

Will we still use the Halo?

Yes, the LC Portal will continue to hold important forms, documents and account information.

Should I direct students to use it?

We anticipate rolling out Navigate to all students in Fall 2019.

How up to date is the information in Navigate?

Navigate updates student records and information every 24 hours.

What type of information does Navigate report?

Navigate is connected to Jenzabar and gathers pivotal student information, such as majors, transcripts, GPA, and enrollment data. Faculty and staff can track and report on student interactions and flag students who are experiencing challenges.

Who will have access to student information in Navigate?

Faculty and advisers will be able to see information about their students in Navigate. Administrators will have access to all pertinent student information.

Who is required to enter information about students in Navigate?

Faculty and advisers should make notes in Navigate related to a student’s success.

How do I log in to Navigate?

  1. Go to
  2. Use your Limestone credentials to log in

Where can I find Navigate help?

When you log in, you will find help resources provided by Navigate on the top right corner of your browser.

If you are having trouble logging into your account, contact the IT Help Desk. If you need further training on Navigate, contact Stacy Mason at 864.488.4540 or via