Advanced Placement Policy (AP):

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer a multitude of benefits to high school students. Firstly, they provide an opportunity for students to foster intellectual curiosity and academic growth. By challenging students with college-level material, AP courses help prepare high school students for the rigor of higher education, cultivating essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management. Moreover, successfully completing AP courses and exams can lead to college credit, allowing students to save both time and money in their post-secondary education journey. Overall, the benefits of AP courses extend far beyond the classroom, shaping well-rounded individuals poised for future success.

Advanced Placement Policy

Transient Permission:

A student desiring to take course work as a transient student at another college must have his or her course approved in advance by the Registrar by completing the transient form.  Approval must be granted prior to completing the course for transfer credit to be awarded.  Transient permission will not be granted for a course in which the student has received a grade and all prerequisites for the course at Limestone University must be met.  No more than 15 semester hours of correspondence course credit will be accepted toward the Associate or Bachelor’s degree. 
Transient Permission Form

CLEP/Dantes/Limestone University Credit by Exam:

Credit may be earned by degree seeking students by means of several types of credit by exams:  CLEP, Dantes or a special exam subject through an academic division.  A student must apply by completing the credit by exam form. The student must have approval prior to scheduling the examination. Credit cannot be earned by examination for any course in which a grade has been received or any course which has been audited.  A maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of all degree requirements may be earned through credit by examination.  Courses for which a student earns credit by examination are considered transfer credits and therefore are not included in the total earned credit hours for graduation honors or grade point average. Seniors graduating in May must request credit by examination no later than March 15 and complete the exam no later than April 1. Seniors graduating in December must request the examination no later than October 15 and complete the exam no later than November 1st.
Credit By Examination Form

Enrollment Verification:

Enrollment verification for students may be obtained by logging into the Student Kiosk. This information is updated on the 15th of each month through the National Student Clearinghouse. You may view enrollment for the current semester or for all prior semesters. The information submitted to the National Student Clearinghouse is based on the student’s information in our system at the time the report is completed. Student information is compiled based on the Social Security number; therefore, International Students will not be able to utilize this information. If you need enrollment verification, please stop by the Registrar’s Office.

To request an Enrollment Verification, please contact:


Request to Change Name and/or Address:

To change your name, you will need to complete the form online. Name changes will not be processed until proper official documentation (ex. new driver’s license, official identification card, or Social Security card) is received. This may be emailed to or faxed to (864) 488-8340.

To change your major, advisor, or catalog year you will need to submit the form in the halo on the Student Resources page.

Request to Change Name and/or Address

Change of Status:

In order to change your enrollment status from traditional day to Online Program (or vise versa), please complete the change of status form. The request for change from the Online Program to Traditional Day will only be accepted between June 1 and July 1 for an effective date of July 1.

Students changing from Traditional Day to the Online Program must do so by January 10 for an effective date of January 1; or by July 5 for an effective date of July. Changes received after those dates will be processed for the next semester.
Change of Status Form

Coordinated Study:

Full-time junior or senior students can request to take a course as a coordinated study when special circumstances prevent a student from taking a required course that is not available for enrollment in a classroom or Online Program version during the semester. Students cannot request a coordinated study to repeat a course in which a student has received a low grade. The student must complete the application online at least one month prior to the anticipated start date. All coordinated studies must be approved by the supervising faculty member, the department chair, the division chair, and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to starting the course.
Coordinated Study Application Form

Transcript Request:

All alumni, inactive students and current students will need to use the Transcript Request/National Student Clearinghouse.

Current students can request an official transcript by using the "Request Official Transcript" link on the Student Forms tab under Registrar Office Forms in The Halo, or by stopping by the Registrar's Office. 
The Halo  

All financial responsibilities must be satisfied in full before transcripts can be released. 

Replacement Diploma:

If you are a past graduate of Limestone University and would like to order a copy of your diploma, please complete the replacement diploma order form. Replacement diplomas are ordered from Herff-Jones and typically take 4-5 weeks to arrive. The cost for a replacement diploma is $65.00.
Order a Replacement Diploma