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*2024/2025 Verification Documents*

*2023/2024 Verification Documents*

Professional Judgment (PJ)/Special Circumstances Appeal Process 

The Financial Aid Office may consider special and unusual circumstance(s) that impact a student or the family's ability to pay for a college education that are not reflected in the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Financial Aid administrators can adjust a student’s dependency status, income and assets, wages earned or other financial changes to adequately represent the student or family’s ability to pay. These adjustments are only made after receiving sufficient documentation from a student to justify an exception to normal federal financial aid program guidelines. 

For questions about what qualifies as a Special Circumstance and appeal process information, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly by email at or by phone at 864-488-8231.

Important Deadlines:

The deadline for submitting an appeal for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is June 30, 2024.