Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | Economics

The famous economist Alfred Marshall describes economics as “the study of man in the ordinary business of life.” Thus, economics provides a broad foundation of knowledge concerning how economies and societies transform scarce resources into goods and services and how markets function at the local, national and international levels. Given the wide range this covers, many job opportunities arise to those who study economics as a foundation for their future professions in business, government, education, banking and media.  Within these professions some of the specific job opportunities include industry analyst, stock broker, loan officer, economics teacher, city manager, marketing analyst, real estate agent, and public policy analyst. Some well-known individuals who were economic majors include Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Sandra Day O’Conner, George H. W. Bush, Melinda Gates and Sam Walton.

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  • Gaffney Campus
    Gaffney Main Campus
    1115 College Drive
    Gaffney, SC 29341
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  • Greenville Campus
    Greenville Campus
    25 Woods Lake Rd
    Suite 601
    Greenville, SC 29607
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  • Columbia Campus
    Columbia Campus
    Fontaine Business Center
    400 Arbor Lake Drive, Suite 800
    Columbia, SC 29223
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  • Midstate Campus
    Madison Plaza
    2724 West Palmetto Street
    Florence, SC 29501
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  • Charleston Campus
    Charleston Campus
    4500 Leeds Avenue
    Suite 208
    Charleston, SC 29405
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List of Evening Class locations

Day programs in Gaffney, online & evening classes in extended campus locations

Our business programs are offered in a variety of locations, each built for different students. Our traditional day students attend class on our main campus in Gaffney, South Carolina— a beautiful town with rich historic buildings and hundreds of campus involvement opportunities. More than half of day students live on campus and participate in athletics, fine arts, community service and other leadership associations.

Our Online & Eveninges provide evening classrooms in locations all across South Carolina – Aiken, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greenville and at our main campus in Gaffney.

Our online programs are accessible across the country – so even if you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can still work towards your Limestone degree. Students also have the option to take a combination of classes at any of these campuses and online.