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Master of Social Work

August 2020 & January 2021 MSW cohorts are FULL! We are now accepting applications for August 2021! 

The first deadline for completed applications to be reviewed for August 2021 acceptance is January 4th, 2021.

The Limestone University Online Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program offers an advanced generalist curriculum centered on a person-in-the environment practice. This approach is founded in a clinical practice approach that demands superior development of competencies and skills that prepare students for a career in advanced generalist specialized social work practice in mental health.

Advanced generalist practice involves the impact of intervention at all system levels. Problems for work in every phase that they may present (Micro, Mezzo and Macro) are addressed. The needs of untapped populations by the greater society are approached from a strength’s perspective. Empowering client systems of the individual, family, groups, communities and organizations is complex and requires the skills of an MSW level social worker. Assessment, evaluation, and empowerment are some of the skills learned along with patience, insight, and the use of best practices treatment approaches builds the infrastructure that leads to effective careers.

Approaching the needs of client systems in advanced generalist practice, students impact the well-being of clients while affirming the strengths and capabilities of people, valuing human diversity while promoting social justice, economic and environmental justice.

Program Fast Facts

  • Advanced Standing program for those who qualify
  • 100% online courses
  • Dedicated field education assistance
  • Graduates are eligible to apply for social work licensure at the master’s level – state licensure requirements vary.
  • For students to graduate in one year they must plan to attend and complete 36 credit hours.
  • Students take two courses every eight weeks to earn an MSW in 12 months.
  • CSWE-accreditation in candidacy review 

Advanced Standing Program Option

Limestone University offers a 36-credit hour Advanced Standing M.S.W. program for candidates who possess an undergraduate degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program. This program enables the student to accelerate toward career goals by graduating in as soon as one year.

An undergraduate degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program makes you eligible to apply for the Advanced Standing program option but does not guarantee acceptance.

Signature Pedagogy

Field education is signature pedagogy for the program. CSWE requires for the master’s degree that classroom and field are systematically united throughout the program. Academic lessons learned in coursework are applied directly in actual field cases. Actual hours of field education amounts to a total of 500 hours. These 500 hours are divided into four terms (125 hours per term) and are rated as a regular class with 3 credit hours for each totaling 12 credit hours.