Investing in the Christian Future of a Young Nation

Christian Leadership at Limestone is funded by a generous gift from Limestone Trustee, Robert A. Dobson III and his wife, Beth. Mr. Dobson is a retired attorney who for much of his very successful professional career was at best a self-described “lukewarm” Christian. Several encounters, some quite incidental, with persons who were successful professionals and devout Christians, and whose lives were a witness to the salvation and meaning to be found in Christ led to a transforming spiritual renewal in Mr. Dobson’s life. He has since committed himself to sharing the good news of God’s love through a variety of local, national, and international missions. Mr. Dobson supports the Christian Leadership at Limestone because he believes that the strength necessary to live a full and meaningful life is to be found through practicing the beliefs and following the example of Jesus Christ.

Limestone University is a Christian, non-denominational, four-year, liberal arts college located in Gaffney, South Carolina. From its establishment in 1845 by two distinguished and well-educated Baptist clergymen, Limestone has maintained a distinctly Christian emphasis. Encouraging commitment to its Christian heritage, Dr. R.C. Granberry, President of Limestone from 1923 to 1951, said “(Limestone)…always has believed that the highest and best philosophy of life is that philosophy which is essentially Christian.” Sustaining this belief, Limestone offers--in addition to the Christian Leadership program--courses in biblical studies and Christian history, and employs a chaplains who provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for spiritual guidance and counsel. Students come to Limestone from a variety of denominations and religious backgrounds. While unashamedly advocating and encouraging Christian faith, The University and its programs nonetheless emphasize respect for each individual’s religious liberty.

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