Dr. Eric Schaefer Editor of New Memoir

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 1:00pm

Limestone College Preceptor of English Dr. Eric Schaefer has edited a recently published book, entitled Over Oceans: A Memoir, by author K. L. White.

Schaefer, along with Leah Peters, edited White’s inspiring account of a woman who travels the world for Christian ministry. The memoir details White’s years as a sports chaplain to professional tennis players, beginning with her unexpected spiritual calling in front of her living room television.

Blue Iris Books, a micro-publisher of non-fiction and classic and contemporary fiction, published the memoir in September.

“Like many exemplary missionaries, Krista is an adventurer for Christ,” Schaefer said. "Over Oceans narrates some of White’s time spent ministering to world-class athletes in places such as Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico, and South America. The funny thing is that Krista never cared about tennis.

“The editing experience was a labor of joy,” he continued. “Krista has been writing for years, so I have learned a great deal from her. And because she always wants to improve her craft, she accepts critical feedback with grace.”

In the editing process, Schaefer used a principle that he teaches his English 101 class. He explained, “I tell my Freshman Composition students that it’s best to be realistic when writing about people. Readers identify better with blemishes than with paragons.”

According to Schaefer, those with low thresholds for spiritual sentimentality should find Over Oceans refreshingly forthright. “Krista has the gift of frankness,” he noted, “which may be why she connects so well with the women on the professional tour.”

Over Oceans is available now in hardback ($19.99) at www.bibpress.com. Paperback ($15.99) and Kindle ($8.99) versions are also available on Amazon.

Schaefer expects the book’s mix of narrative, professional tennis tour insights, travelogue, and memoir to appeal to a range of readers. “Throughout its 350 pages covering the gripping triumphs and setbacks in Krista’s work, Over Oceans will motivate others to be all that the Lord desires them to be,” he said.