Students who enjoy writing will thrive in the Writing Concentration. Writing students have the opportunity to study writing in all forms, both creative and professional.  Writers tailor their curriculum to match their creative strengths and professional interests by selecting from a rich variety of courses including creative writing workshops in every genre, business and technical writing, editing and publishing, and literature. A writer’s work in this concentration culminates with the capstone course during which the student works individually with a professor who is also a published author to create a portfolio.

In creative writing courses,  students will engage in the craft, producing fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, plays, graphic narratives, or hybrid work, depending on the courses they select. In the publishing and editing course, students will work as editors to create the University’s literary and arts magazine. Technical and Business Writing courses allow students to explore brevity and marketability while also gaining practical skills such as writing an effective resume and creating content for pamphlets and websites. Literature courses provide a solid and dynamic grounding in the written tradition. 

Related Occupations

The English Writing Concentration also prepares students to enter diverse professions including technical writing, communications, advertising, marketing, copywriting, editing, blogging, publishing, grant writing, public relations, teaching, and becoming a social media specialist or communications director. Alumni have also gone on to become college professors, sportswriters, journalists, fiction writers, librarians, and coaches and entered other exciting professions.

Majoring in English with a writing concentration is excellent preparation for graduate school in a variety of fields.  Recent graduates have gone on to pursue graduate study in law, journalism, library science, theology, literature, journalism, English, and creative writing.

Fast Facts

  • Students study with published authors.
  • Students design their own curriculum, tailored to their own creative interests and professional goals.
  • Course selections include writing in various forms, from creative to professional.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn credit as editors of The Candelabra, Limestone's literary and arts magazine.

Explore Experiental Major Map

saints mapsUse this map to help plan and guide your experience at Limestone. Each student’s experience is unique so please keep in mind the activities outlined in this map are suggestions and can be tailored to you! Always consult with your advisors whenever possible for new opportunities and updates.

Requirement Notes

  1. Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  2. A total of 120 credit hours
  3. The required courses listed below (15 credit hours)
  4. Six additional English Courses from EN202 or 203; EN204 or 205; EN305 or 416; EN310 or 311; EN331 or 418 (18 credit hours)
  5. Six Writing Concentration required courses from EN215, 230**, 231, 232**, 315, 326, and TH308 (18 credit hours)
  6. Two Foreign Language courses in the same language (6 credit hours)

* This major includes five AWE courses (15 credit hours)

**Note: May be repeated for up to a total of nine hours.

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