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M.S.N - Master of Science in Nursing


… critical thinking in decision-making activities. Promote health and wellness to diverse individuals, families, and … of Science in Nursing (MSN) is an attractive, advanced health professional degree that serves to meet the needs of … NU503 - Population Health NU504 - Leading Quality & Safety NU520 - Healthcare Policy NU620 - Healthcare Ethics …

Nursing (RN-BSN)


… information management, genetics, population health, and the humanities. The program is offered 100% … students from diverse backgrounds and committed to the health of citizens, the mission of the nursing program is … health nursing for RNs NU420 - Quality and patient safety for RNs PS204 - Human Growth and Development Related …

Physical Education - Teacher Education


… with appropriate guidelines provided by the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) America National … issues and legislation. Standard 2: Skillfulness and Health-Related Fitness Demonstrate competency in all … and Philosophy of Education KI131 - Swimming and Water Safety KI132 - Recreational Dance KI133 - Tumbling and …

Athletic Training


… effort. Objective 1: Utilize measures to promote health and prevent injury/illness Objective 2: Perform an … Objective 5: Demonstrate organization and professional health and well-being. Goal 3: Students will utilize … settings, military, performing arts, and public safety. Admissions Requirements for the Athletic Training …

Health Sciences - General


Health Sciences - General The Health Sciences Major prepares students for graduate work in health professions such as Nursing, Athletic … Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Public Health, and others. Health Sciences majors take courses to …

Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training


Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training The Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training Major concentration … for graduate work in the Athletic Training health professions. Health Sciences majors take courses to …

Health Care Administration


Health Care Administration The Limestone Health Care Administration program prepares those pursuing a career in administrative positions in the health care industry. This program is ideal for students …

M.S.H.I. - Master of Science in Health Informatics


… M.S.H.I. - Master of Science in Health Informatics The mission of the Master of Science in Health Informatics Program is to provide students with a … will further their careers as leaders and innovators in health informatics.  The program supports its mission by …

Health Sciences - Pre-Physical Therapy


Health Sciences - Pre-Physical Therapy The Health Sciences Major with a concentration in Pre-Physical … prepares students for graduate work in Physical Therapy. Health Sciences majors take courses to prepare them for …

Health Sciences - Pre-Occupational Therapy


Health Sciences - Pre-Occupational Therapy The Health Sciences Major with a concentration in … for graduate work in Occupational Therapy. Health Sciences majors take courses to prepare them for careers in the health sector from both the scientific and psychosocial …

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