The nursing program provides the RN-BSN completion curriculum online to Registered Nurses (RNs) who wish to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The curriculum builds on previously acquired knowledge and skills by adding coursework in social sciences, nursing research, leadership, communication, professionalism, information management, genetics, population health, and the humanities. The program is offered 100% online making it flexible and accessible to enhance the education of nurses in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

Accredited Program

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Limestone University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791

Online Nursing Degree Program (RN-BSN)

The Nursing degree program is available online (RN-BSN). Online programs have the same content and curriculum as traditional on-campus programs. All coursework, including lectures, assignments, and exams, is available through the Canvas online learning system.

Online programs are asynchronous, which means there are no specific times you must be online. Professors and other instructors are available during virtual “office hours” for discussion. The programs are designed to allow you to focus on two courses in eight-week terms.

As an online student, you may be eligible to transfer credits from other accredited colleges. Learn more about our online program admission requirements.

Nursing Program Mission 

Inspired by the university mission to educate students from diverse backgrounds and committed to the health of citizens, the mission of the nursing program is therefore to support and prepare professional nurses who are able to:  

  • Use critical thinking in decision-making activities;  
  • Promote health and wellness to diverse individuals, families, and communities; and 
  • Demonstrate incorporation of professional standards, lifelong learning, advocacy, and compassion into nursing practice. 

Nursing Program Vision 

To meet the needs of our communities and profession by providing a quality innovative higher education experience.   

Nursing Program Goals 

  • Recruit and retain well-qualified faculty 
  • Maintain national accreditation through CCNE  
  • Utilize best practices of adult learning theory in courses 
  • Prepare professional nurses with essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes to improve health 
  • Increase the number of BSN and MSN-Prepared nurses locally 

Nursing Expected Program Outcomes  

  • Graduate 70% of students who enroll  
  • Employer satisfaction  
  • Apply knowledge learned to professional nursing practice  
  • Prepared for graduate education  
  • Express satisfaction with BSN program  

Nursing Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) 

After completing the RN-BSN program, graduates will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with healthcare team members, individuals, families, and groups 
  • Incorporate professional standards and codes, advocacy, ethics, leadership, and compassion into nursing practice. 
  • Use critical thinking that integrates a liberal arts foundation, theory, evidence-based practice, and ethical decision making in the culturally- competent care of diverse individuals, families, and groups across the lifespan 
  • Engage in lifelong learning, professional development, and service to the profession and community 
  • Demonstrate understanding of research evidence, healthcare policy, regulation, and environments that impact nursing practice. 
  • Utilize patient care technology and information systems to support high-quality nursing practice. 

Fast Facts

  • The BSN nurse is well-prepared to meet the demands of today’s dynamic and complex healthcare environment by demonstrating superior skills in critical thinking, information management, leadership, management, health promotion, communication, assessment, cultural sensitivity, resourcefulness, knowledge application, and scientific reasoning (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2014).
  • BSN nurses are able to work in a variety of settings including schools, the military, or public health; and in expanded roles including management, health educators, case managers, care coordinators, or patient navigators.
  • Average RN salary in SC $73,300 - (
  • Bright Job outlook 2020 - 2029 with a growth rate 7% faster than the average for all occupations

Explore Experiental Major Map

saints mapsUse this map to help plan and guide your experience at Limestone. Each student’s experience is unique so please keep in mind the activities outlined in this map are suggestions and can be tailored to you! Always consult with your advisors whenever possible for new opportunities and updates.


By recognizing nursing students for their care and compassion for patients and their families, The DAISY Foundation recognizes and celebrates what it means...

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