Yan Gong

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Dr Yan Gong

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Dr. Yan Gong joined the Limestone College faculty in August 2008 and currently serves as the Associate Professor of the Mathematics Department and the Supervisor of Math Tutorial Services on campus and online (MOLE). She is originally from Beijing, China. Yan's undergraduate degree is in Engineering and her master degree is in Econometrics. She earned her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and minor in Statistics from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Gong has received the Limestone's Fullerton Award for Teaching Excellence in 2011. Her research interests are in the Immersed Interface Methods -- numerical solutions of partial differential equations involving interfaces and irregular Domains. In LimestoneĀ¹s undergraduate program, Dr. Gong teaches Mathematics for the Liberal Arts, College-level Algebra, Statistics, Precalculus, Calculus courses as well as several upper-level mathematics courses including Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Modern Algebra.

Yan currently lives in Spartanburg area with her husband and 9 year old son.