The History program propels students into the dynamic history of the world. In addition to studying World Civilization, students progress through European, Non-Western, and American histories by delving into the narratives of each period. Though the study of History crosses many periods and locations, the present day is also an integral part of each student's experience at Limestone. This allows students to construct an understanding of how past and present connect and influence our understandings of the history of the world.

Related Occupations

History is a popular program of study for entry into law schools and theological seminaries. History is also an excellent academic background for careers in journalism, education, telecommunications, museums, government, and Foreign Service, or business management (combine history with accounting or marketing).

Fast Facts

  • Recent students have attended graduate school or law school in: South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Ireland.
  • Students complete their own academic research, which is helpful for graduate school.
  • History and History-Pre-Law are great majors if you're interested in international and domestic travel.
  • Students work closely with our faculty allowing them to improve their skills in a friendly and personable environment.

Explore Experiental Major Map

saints mapsUse this map to help plan and guide your experience at Limestone. Each student’s experience is unique so please keep in mind the activities outlined in this map are suggestions and can be tailored to you! Always consult with your advisors whenever possible for new opportunities and updates.

Requirement Notes

  • Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  • A total of 120 credit hours
  • The required courses listed below (24 credit hours)
  • Three American History elective courses at 200 level or above (9 credit hours)
  • Three Non-American History elective courses at 200 level or above (9 credit hours)

* This major includes one AWE course (3 credit hours)

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