Students interested in earning a degree in History also have the option of including a Pre-Law concentration in their studies. This program of study allows students to study History in conjunction with Criminal Justice in efforts to prepare students for a career in the legal field. 

Related Occupations

Students are prepared to enter graduate programs that prepare and certify them for professional careers in the legal field.

Fast Facts

  • Recent students have attended graduate school or law school in: South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Ireland.
  • Students complete their own academic research, which is helpful for graduate school.
  • History and History-Pre-Law are great majors if you are interested in international and domestic travel.
  • Students work closely with our faculty allowing them to improve their skills in a friendly and personable environment.

Requirement Notes

  1. Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  2. A total of 120 credit hours
  3. The required courses listed below (33 credit hours)
  4. A Mathematics course from MA110 or above (3 credit hours)
  5. Two Legal Elective courses from CJ201, 335; LG315, 316, 317 (6 credit hours)
  6. Two History Elective courses from HI341, 342, 343, 344, 345 (6 credit hours)

* This major includes one AWE course (3 credit hours)

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