New Upcoming Destinations Announced For Limestone's "Global Experience" Program -- Including France & Greece!

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 11:00am
Global Experience

Limestone officials recently unveiled more plans for upcoming “Global Experience” trips that will be sending undergraduate Day Campus students – as part of their tuition – to some of the most iconic locations in the world.

Future excursions and their associated academic focuses have just been added, including trips to the French Riviera (Cultural Emersion) and Greece & the Greek Isles (Business & Culture) in the fall of 2021, and then Portugal and Spain (History) and Vancouver (Sustainability) in the spring of 2022.

As announced earlier this year, the program’s first two trips include “Explore Italy,” planned for May 5-15, 2020, and “Victory In Europe,” which has been scheduled for May 8-19, 2020. It was also previously announced that there will be a “Culture & Art of Peru” trip December 11-20 of next year. In 2021, there will be spring trips to London & Edinburgh (Business) and Berlin (Architecture).

“We’re excited to announce these wonderful new trips over the next few years,” said Dr. Michael Scharff, the Chair of Limestone’s Department of Business and Economics, who is assisting with the organization of the travel series. “Programs like this can help students learn new languages, learn different business and cultural customs, and even help jump start a career in international relations, international business, healthcare, and more.”

The costs for one trip during a student’s time at Limestone will be covered through tuition. To qualify, students must have completed English 102 or 103, and must be in good standing academically, financially, and with the Honor Code. Transfer students must also have completed 16 credit hours at Limestone. A second travel opportunity for each student will be available, with the out-of-pocket costs determined by the particular destination.

Each “Global Experience” is designed with a specific academic emphasis and will be chaperoned and taught by Limestone professors.

“These Global Experience trips will offer Limestone students the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations in the world,” said College President Dr. Darrell Parker. “We started this program because we understand that study abroad opportunities are essential to students as they prepare to compete in an increasingly globalized workforce.”

Limestone’s first-ever “Global Experience” trip in the spring of 2020 will take students to Venice, Bologna, Florence, and Rome. The second trip, also in the spring of 2020, celebrates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe and will send Limestone students to London, Normandy, Bastogne, Nurnberg, and Munich.

Students wishing to travel as part of the Global Experience will register for a three-credit hour elective class in a particular discipline, and the associated trip will typically last 7-10 days.

Flights, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and travel healthcare insurance will be covered by Limestone. Students will pay for any necessary passport and visa costs and will be responsible for expenditures outside of the items that are included as a part of the program.

According to a study by the Institute of International Education, evidence indicates that students who study abroad have better grades, experience less attrition, and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad. They also have a competitive edge on the job market. Yet, fewer than 10 percent of American undergraduates study abroad, and only one quarter of those are from underrepresented groups.

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