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Music Education


Music Education The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music … Info No Display Related News Below Faculty Yes Visit the Fine Arts Website Future Music Students Course Requirements …

Studio Art


… Studio Art Earning a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts from Limestone provides a solid foundation for … and exposure through the Juried Student Exhibition and our fine arts publication The Candelabra. The faculty strives to … and 1948, medals were awarded for painting, sculpting, music, architecture, and literature. Olympic athletes were …

Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training


… municipal departments, branches of the military Performing arts including professional and collegiate level dance and music nata.org/about/athletic-training/job-settings    … are growing from 8-15% in such areas as: health education, community health, epidemiology & environmental specialist. …

Art Program Community Outreach


… Art Program Community Outreach … From sidewalk chalk to art projects with downtown … give tours Faculty and students teach workshops related to Fine Arts



Music The Limestone Music Program, in accordance with the university's liberal arts philosophy and mission, provides a wide range of musical … and academically. Related Occupations The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers …

Community Music School


Community Music School … Be a Student The Community Music School at … All Community Music School lessons are held in the Carroll Fine Arts building on the campus of Limestone University (unless …

Nursing (Pre-licensure - BSN)


… - Elementary Statistics ID150 - The Saint Experience   One Fine Arts course and one History survey course. See the Academic …

English Education


… majors with teacher certification usually become secondary school English teachers, but they may also choose from a wide … its goals and application processes. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Elementary … (B.A.) Mathematics Education Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Music Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Physical Education - …

Elementary Education


… Elementary Education Within a liberal arts framework, the purpose of the Elementary Education … Certification.  She continues to be active in the local school district, the SC State Department of Education, and on … hours) Mathematics Education Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Music Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Physical Education - …

Theatre (B.A.)


… Directing. Students also work together to construct each school production, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary … English education, and theatre management. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences See This … No Course Requirements EN302 - Shakespeare Related Minors Music Minor CIP Code 50.0501 Hide Saints Map Show … Pursue …

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