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Day Program at a Glance

98% receive financial aid
53.3% are from SC
24 regular season titles, 24 conference titles and 50 NCAA Division II tournament appearances
62% Men - 38% Women
Student / Faculty ratio 13:1
9 buildings on Limestone's front campus are on the National Register of Historic Places
82% of Day Program instructors have their PhD or other terminal degree
34 states & 32 countries represented in the student body
67.8% are student-athletes



The broad and diverse scope of extracurricular activities at Limestone is intentional. We not only want you to have some fun honing skills you already possess; we invite you to do some old-fashioned “dabbling,” as well. For instance, you say you plan to be a science major...but on the side, you also love playing the clarinet. Not a problem! Join the Science Club and try out for the jazz band, too. Likewise, being a business major and auditioning for a role in a Limestone theatre production are not mutually exclusive.
Simply put, we really want you to get involved while you’re here. We feel certain you’ll enjoy it, and with thirty different organizations on the Limestone campus to explore, we’re confident you’ll discover a satisfying balance of academics with personal, professional and spiritual growth. Look at it this way: the other classroom at Limestone University is all about what you can do with what you know.

Limestone LINGO

  • Calciid

    The Limestone yearbook


    The student literary magazine

  • CELP

    The CHRISTIAN EDUCATION & LEADERSHIP PROGRAM serves students in enhancing their understanding of Christianity, exploring concepts of Christian service, and leading productive Christian lives. Includes courses, community service activities, and Christian mission experiences. Scholarship assistance is available.

  • Fullerton

    Limestone’s Auditorium featuring an acoustically excellent hall with seating for up to 975.

  • Piedmont

    LC is located in the Piedmont region of South Carolina in the city of Gaffney, a beautiful place, picturesque with its historic homes.

  • RA

    A Resident Assistant is a student who lives in the residence hall to supervise residents.

  • RD

    A Resident Director is a full- time staff person who lives in a residence hall to supervise residents.

  • Saints

    The team name for Limestone University. The St. Bernard is the University mascot.


    A state-of-the-art fitness center, athletic training and educational


  • Founded in 1845 by Dr. Thomas Curtis and his son, Dr. William Curtis.
  • Originally the first women’s college in South Carolina; fully coeducational in the late 1960s.
  • Ten historic buildings on campus are included on the National Register of Historic Places. These buildings have been renovated to meet today’s ever-changing technological needs.

For over a century and a half, Limestone University has been a community within a community. The Limestone Springs Historic District encompasses much of the Limestone University campus, and it’s easy to see how campus life has always blended naturally into the friendly, supportive, welcoming city of Gaffney, South Carolina.

Today, many Limestone service projects benefit neighbors in Gaffney and surrounding Cherokee County. In turn, the greater community provides its students with hometown, southern-style opportunities for recreation, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping and more. We’re on Gaffney’s calendar. And they’re on ours.


Everyone needs a break. When a book-weary Limestone student needs to unwind, historic downtown Gaffney makes the grade. Check out consignment shops and antique stores; stroll the historic commercial and residential districts; visit art galleries and museums; or just kick back with a picnic in the city park. From outlet centers to the farmers market, from pizzas and burgers to coffee shops and home style sit-down restaurants, Gaffney has a tradition of looking after its Limestone Saints.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Located near I-85, an easy drive to both the mountains and the beach. Nearby movies, shopping, recreation, dining, accommodations and sightseeing in and around Gaffney, SC.


  • The “Welcome Back” block party for in-coming Limestone students in August
  • Shindigs at the Cabin
  • Limestone homecoming festivities in October
  • Christmas on Campus and Luminaries in December
    (made possible in large part by Limestone student athletes)
  • The Gaffney Visitors Center and Art Gallery
  • Gaffney Premium Outlets
  • Gaffney Entertainment Center (at Gaffney Premium Outlets) featuring an eight screen movie theater showing the latest releases, a 16-lane bowling alley and full service grill and arcade.
  • Gaffney area parks
  • Three near-by national parks
  • The Cherokee County Veterans’ Museum
  • The Limestone Springs Historic District
  • The Gaffney historic commercial and residential districts
graphical map of Limestone University location in SC
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How is your institution unique? What distinguishes it from most other colleges and universities?

The personalization that you receive at Limestone College is second to none. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere and connections that all students receive at Limestone during and after their collegiate experience. From the orientation stage as a freshman, to the job search process as a graduating senior, you will find friendly, helpful, courteous, and intelligent administration, faculty, staff, and an alumni base that will lead to success in whichever profession is chosen.

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What is the average class size for introductory, general education classes taken by freshmen and sophomores?

Freshman, due to the large volume of required liberal arts studies, you may find yourself in class sizes between 20-25 students. As you progress through your course work and earn sophomore, junior, and senior level classes, it is not uncommon to be in a class of 7-8 students. Once you achieve senior level status, it is also not uncommon for students to participate in an internship, whether on campus or off, which acts as a one-on-one guided job experience. Weekly hours, experience gained, and personal guidance are offered to help Limestone College students maximize this experience.

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What is the overall Undergraduate average class size?

Since 2013, with the introduction of football as an athletic offering at Limestone the average class of new students to campus is approximately 500 students. Prior to 2013, the average class of incoming students was around 350 students. To accommodate the influx of students, Limestone College is already in Phase 1 of its plans to improve the student life, academia, and extra-curricular offerings. Limestone College is poised to become one of the premier private schools in the nation. Summer orientations, camps, and other early orientation options were recently developed to prepare Limestone for the largest class ever seen in the history of the college!

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Does each student have a personally assigned advisor, or is advising conducted by an “advisement center?”

Limestone College prides itself on providing personalized advising to every student at Limestone College. In fact, we find this personalized process to be a big advantage at our school and our class registration process will impress. As a freshman, you are assigned a faculty advisor that guides you towards graduation and a schedule that best fits your academic and extracurricular activities.

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What is the cost of attendance?

$30,800 is the current cost of attendance at Limestone College. This figure includes tuition, room and board, a full meal plan, and unlimited academic support.

95% of students attending Limestone receive financial aid. With scholarship offering in academics, athletics, fine arts, military assistance, Christian education/leadership program, in addition to all applicable state, out-of-state, and federal grant monies available, Limestone College is prepared to offer a customized financial aid package that will suit you financial need

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Are students required to live on campus? What percent of students’ lives on campus?

The current housing policy states that you must be 21 or turning 21 in the semester that you are looking to move off campus. If you are commuting, your parent, guardian, grandparent must live within a 50 mile radius of the college. More than half of the students in the day program will live on campus.

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How ethnically diverse is the campus? What percent of the student body is composed of international students?

Approximately 65% Caucasian 35% African American, and close to 10% of our student body are international.

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What activities on campus are the most popular with students?

Intramural sports such as basketball, sand volleyball, flag football, and dodge ball are extremely popular and well attended by our students. Limestone College hosts two speaker series each year. One geared towards academics and educational enrichment and another series focused on athletics. Both our academic and athletic speaker series are extremely well attended.

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What campus security measures do you have? Is an escort service provided to/from the library, for night classes?

Limestone College offers 24 hour 7 day a week security with the main office housed centrally on campus. The family atmosphere of Limestone College helps our security team immensely. We can identify names and faces quickly with the small population that we have on campus. Adding high tech measures such as dorm room access cards and security cameras, Limestone College has a wonderful history of providing a safe and secure environment on campus.

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What is a liberal arts college?

A Liberal Arts College is a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences. Students attending a liberal arts college generally major in a particular discipline while receiving exposure to a wide range of academic subjects, including sciences as well as the traditional humanities subjects taught as liberal arts. This allows the student to develop their communication and critical thinking skills. Additionally, it provides the student with a well-rounded education allowing them to adapt to the changing workforce.

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Where are you located?

Gaffney is located in the beautiful Upstate of SC. We are off of I-85, about 45 minutes from Greenville and 45 minutes from Charlotte. We are located in the center of everything. You have your larger cities right up the road, hiking trails all around, the Appalachian mountains 1-2hours away, the beach 3.5 -4 hours away, ski slopes 2 hours away and white water rafting anywhere from 45minutes to 2 hours. Gaffney gives you the small town setting with bigger city options within convenient driving distance.

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How many credit hours are needed to be considered as a transfer student?

Students who are transferring at least 12 credit hours are considered as a transfer student. Students who have less than 12 will come to Limestone as a Freshman.

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As a transfer student, does Limestone need my SAT/ACT scores?

Transfer students who are 21 years of age or older, in military service, or transferring 12 or more credit hours will not need to submit their scores.

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What is Limestone’s minimum GPA requirement for transfer students?

Limestone’s minimum GPA requirement is a 2.0 for transfer students.
If a student’s GPA is a little below 2.0, the student will be considered for provisional acceptance. A provisionally-admitted student is limited to 12 semester hours over a four month period and may not enroll in directed or coordinated studies. If the student successfully completes the semester, regular admission to Limestone will be recommended.

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Do transfer students need to submit their high school transcript?

Yes. Limestone will need an official copy of your final high school transcript. High school transcripts must remain in a sealed envelope and then mailed to Limestone College.
Along with your high school transcript, Limestone also needs official copies of your final college transcripts. Your college transcripts can either be sent to the college by mail or online through Parchment.
Once we receive you transcripts, our Registrar will evaluate your transcripts and then you will receive a letter in the mail regarding your acceptance.

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Once I’m accepted, what’s the next step?

If you are certain that Limestone is the right school for you, the next step will be to submit your deposit. The deposit will be $100 if you will be living on campus or $50 if you will be commuting. This deposit saves your spot here at Limestone.

When you submit your deposit, you will gain access to the LC portal which gives you access to financial aid document, housing and medical forms, as well as, register for your classes