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Athletics Facilities Needs and Dreams Goal: $4,800,000

Limestone University is unique in that more than 50% of Limestone's day students participate in 25 Division II sports—13 for men and 12 for women. This capital campaign is designed to maintain Limestone's leadership position in Conference Carolinas and in NCAA Division II.

To meet the challenges of a growing student body and Athletics Department, the new facilities plan will maximize the use of existing land, beautify the campus and make athletics a vital component in the recruitment and retention of Limestone students.

More than two-thirds of Limestone's day students participate in twenty-five NCAA Division II sports. Today, Limestone is providing the appropriate educational environment in which these young men and women live. Tomorrow, Limestone is planning enhanced practice areas and playing fields on which these student-athletes compete. Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams is a campaign designed to maintain Limestone's leadership position in conference Carolinas and NCAA Division II.

To meet the challenges of a growing student body and athletics Department, Limestone University has developed a long-range plan to create an exciting future for student-athletes, spectators, and alumni. The new facilities will maximize the utilization of existing land, beautify the campus, and become a vital component in the recruitment and retention of Limestone University students.

Renovations will provide stadium-style seating for all game fields. Permanent restroom and concessions facilities along with a ticketing facility are included in the renovation plan for our sports complex. Lighting will also be installed on all game fields. The addition of field lighting will enable The University to have more flexibility for scheduling athletic events which will generate greater opportunities for Limestone alumni, parents, and fans to experience collegiate sporting events.

Saints Stadium Turf Complex, located directly behind the Limestone Center, will serve as the home field for the men's and women's lacrosse and soccer programs, and field hockey. The stadium will include an all-weather turf field and will be the most encompassing of all the athletics facilities renovations. The field will be a multipurpose field used for games, practice, intramurals, and camps. The current field has been the location of regional and national championship events, creating wonderful experiences and memories for Limestone student-athletes, alumni, fans, and the Cherokee County community. This stadium will have seating for 1,000 spectators. To accommodate increasing numbers of students as well as community and alumni supporters, the stadium seating may be expanded to approximately 4,000 in the future. At the top of the grandstands there will be a press box and a VIP suite overlooking the stadium. This stadium will be come the visual centerpiece of the athletics campus.

The future Limestone Center Field House, located immediately adjacent to the stadium, will provide locker rooms for eight varsity sports, including men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, and football.

Beautifully situated above the quarry, the original Bob Prevatte Field opened in 1988 after an inspiring effort by Limestone University's first baseball coach, Gaylord Perry. The baseball stadium will provide a press box as well as seating for 300 spectators. New, covered batting cages will complement the renovations and construction for baseball and softball.

Softball, the second of Limestone's intercollegiate sports for women, has been part of the Limestone tradition since 1977. The softball field, originally located between the Timken Gymnasium and Stephenson Dining Hall, moved to its current location on the upper campus in the early 80s. A new softball stadium, constructed through The Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams Capital Campaign will provide a press box as well as seating for 200 spectators. The new stadium will be located adjacent to the current baseball stadium.

Handicapped accessibility and convenient access from parking are also in the projected design. The athletics complex will be connected to the main campus by a comprehensive pedestrian walkway. The walkway will be paved or softscaped with adequate lighting for safety and handicapped accessibility, and will incorporate a small social plaza where students and visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the campus. The Victory Bell Tower will be located at the social plaza overlooking the historic Limestone quarry and will be the site of all Limestone athletics victories!