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Welcome to the Fine Arts at Limestone University

Our goal is to provide an environment where creativity is nurtured, and to offer the highest quality arts education for

  • students seeking careers as performers, writers, educators, or scholars
  • students choosing a major outside of the fine arts but who want to actively engage in music, theatre, writing or art as part of their college experience
  • community members who want to participate in fine arts activities for personal enrichment

Our active and accomplished faculty oversee courses and programs encompassing an array of traditional, contemporary and hybrid art forms. The majors offered include Studio Art, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and English Education, Music and Music Education, Theatre and Musical Theatre. Our faculty and staff strive to provide students with the best possible arts education within a liberal arts curriculum, while also meeting the diverse educational and cultural needs of the campus and community.

Limestone University awards a number of Fine Arts scholarships and other scholarships each year to students majoring in Art, English, Music, or Theatre. We invite prospective students to audition and apply for these scholarships.

Fine Arts Scholarship Application

Dr. Gena Poovey, Chairperson
Arts & Letters Division

How to Apply to Limestone University

Beginning the enrollment process is easy with our FREE express online application. Once you complete the application, you will receive a confirmation with a list of the items required to complete your application package.

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Fine Arts Degrees Offered

Music Ed - Drums
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education provides the proper training for a teaching career. Covering a wide range of disciplines, the course of study provides the future music educator with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes necessary for becoming a successful teacher of music.

piano with sheet music
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
The Limestone Music Program, in accordance with the university's liberal arts philosophy and mission, provides a wide range of musical experiences and educational opportunities for students pursuing professional studies in music, liberal studies in music, and for students seeking personal enrichment through music. Limestone is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The mission of the Music Program is to provide quality education, developing the student personally, professionally, and academically.

People at Art Exhibition
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Earning a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts from Limestone provides a solid foundation for real-world practices and graduate school preparation. Studio Art majors develop technical skills and their personal vision allowing them to find creative solutions to problems and further their dedication to art-making. Students may also elect to major in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design.

Flower - graphic design
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The studio major concentrating in Graphic Design provides creative thinking and technical skills for a variety of career paths. This degree program offers a solid foundation for work toward graduate degrees and art-related vocations.  Related Occupations Many students begin careers as a web design coordinator, illustrator, print design coordinator, or freelance designer and publisher.