Thinking about becoming a member of the Limestone Music family?

  1. Let us know you’re interested!
    • Click here to let us know you’re thinking about joining us at Limestone. We’re excited to hear from you and will get back to you quickly to answer whatever question you have help you through the application process.
  2. Complete your application for admission to Limestone University:
    • The admissions application is a quick and easy process and will get you underway to being admitted to Limestone University. Beginning the enrollment process is easy with our FREE express online application. Once you complete the application, you will receive a confirmation with a list of the items required to complete your application package.
  3. Complete the application for the Fine Arts Scholarship:
    • Prior to coming to Limestone University for your audition, be sure you also fill out and submit your application for the Fine Arts Scholarship. This will allow us to process your audition results more quickly, and be able to provide you with a complete decision regarding both your admissions to the Music program as well as what, if anything, we can offer you to help offset the cost of your education at Limestone. The Fine Arts Scholarship application can be found here.

  4. Perform an audition for the Department of Music:
    • Auditions are generally held on designated weekends planned for high school students interested in visiting the Limestone University campus. Additional dates may be arranged by contacting the Music program faculty or staff. Students are expected to perform prepared pieces of solo literature in the classic tradition of Western music on their primary instrument or voice (see specifics below). Candidates for entrance into the music major program are also expected to sight read. The Music program can arrange for an accompanist, provided the department is notified two weeks prior to the audition. Your audition counts as half of the admissions decision for you to be accepted into the program, so it is not to be taken lightly!

To schedule your audition, please email Mr. Spencer Nance ( with either one of the scheduled dates or an alternative date (as explained below).

Scheduled audition dates for Fall 2024 are:

  • Friday, January 5
  • Friday, January 26 (High School Honor Band)
  • Saturday, April 13 (University Open House)
  • Alternate dates can be requested if you are not able to make one of the above dates. Please be aware that our faculty members are very busy with their commitments to our students and other professional obligations; however, we will do everything we can to accommodate you!
    • Once you have requested your audition date, Mr. Nance will be in touch with you to provide you with a detailed schedule for your audition appointment. Please verify all of the information as provided, and if you have any questions, be sure to contact him as soon as possible.

    • BRASS & WOODWIND - Students should be prepared to perform major scales, the chromatic scale covering the entire range of the instrument, and a selected solo from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic or Twentieth Century repertoire.

    • PERCUSSION - Students should be prepared to perform a prepared solo and rudiments on the snare drum, major scales, and a prepared solo on the marimba (if studied), and a prepared solo and demonstration of general competence on the timpani (if studied).

    • PIANO - Students should be prepared to perform major and minor scales (if studied) in four octaves or in patterns, and selections representing two of the following periods: Baroque, Classic, Romantic or Contemporary.

    • VOICE - Students should demonstrate an ability to sing two art songs representing contrasting styles of music. Composers such as Purcell, Handel, Schubert, Faure, etc. are recommended.

    • GUITAR - Students should be prepared to perform various scales in the first position, play chords and read chord charts, and perform a selected solo in their choice of style (Classical or Jazz is preferable but not required).

    • Your audition to be a music major will surely be a memorable experience, as it is your first major step to embark upon your chosen profession. While your audition should not be taken lightly, the stress can be reduced if you follow these tips:

      • Prepare and Over-Prepare!
        • You should take several weeks to prepare your repertoire that you will perform for your audition. As you begin to feel comfortable with your chosen solo(s), make recordings of yourself playing to go back and listen to on your own. Be sure you are also seeking the feedback of your current Directors and/or private teacher. The more you play your solo live, in front of professional musicians who can be critical, the more comfortable you will feel in your audition with our faculty.
      • Picking the right repertoire:
        • In addition to the requirements outlined above, you should consider choosing a solo that will stretch you to grow, to show off your ability to play high-level literature. However, don't choose anything that is so hard as to risk not being able to have a solid performance at your audition. Whatever piece you choose, be sure it is a piece that you will be intimately familiar with well in advance of your audition date.
      • The day of your audition:
        • Be sure you get a good night's sleep prior to your audition and wake up able to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your audition, as you don't want to deal with the anxiety that comes with being rushed. Make sure you eat prior to your audition so that you aren't dealing with being hungry or any of the signs of your body needing sustenance. Remember that your audition is also a significant professional event; you should dress as such, treating it as any other professional job interview.
      • During your audition:
        • As you are sitting for the faculty, keep in mind two seemingly contradicting thoughts. First, your professionalism with the faculty members will have an impact on their impression of you when scoring your audition. Be sure to shake hands, thank them for their time, and so on. Second, also keep in mind that, like any other educator, our faculty members only want to see you be successful and will be in your court. While you will be nervous when you walk-in to play, remember that the faculty members are more hopeful to see you succeed than to find ways to make you fail. It's also worth noting that, at some point in time, each of our faculty members were in your shoes: auditioning to be accepted as a music major during their senior year in high school. They know exactly how you are feeling!
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Request More Information

Please contact the Coordinator of the Music program, Dr. Seth Taft (, if you would like additional information about our programs. You are welcome to schedule a campus visit and we will be happy to give you a tour of our facilities.