You can find the link to create a News article under Content -> Add Content -> News

add article menu

On the creation/edit screen, you'll see the fields that make up your news node.

These are the most important fields.

Secondary Tab

Other Secondary fields live under the Secondary tab.

Secondary Tab
Screenshot of Secondary tab

The Fields under the Secondary tab include:

  • Utility Tags
    This "Utility Tags" vocabulary is used all over the site. The only related option here is "Featured". Checking this will display this news node in a special place on the news page.
  • Related Degree
    Begin typing the name of a degree and select it to cause this news article to show on that degree page.
  • Date to Expire from Degree Pages
    The date to remove this article from the degree page (see Related Degree).
  • Related Event
    Attach a related event to this news node. This will cause this event to appear on the news article page, with a pop-up modal of the description of the event. This modal also allows users to add this event to their calendar.