First-Year & Transfer Orientation

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First-Year & Transfer Orientation Spring 2022

The count down to the first week of school is on! We cannot wait to welcome all New and Returning students back to campus.

Here are a few dates and events to put on your calendar.

New Student Orientation & Move-In

Friday & Saturday, January 7-8 


9:00  Orientation WelcomeHines and Riggins Meeting Room
9:30  Panel Q&A- Hear from various areas on campusHines and Riggins Meeting Room
10:00 – 12:00   Academic Advising, visit Financial Aid, Business Office, Health Services
1:00 – 5:00  Check in with housingDobson Student Center, 2nd Floor

You will need to have a clear balance with the Business office and have submitted all of your Health Forms before receiving your key. Once you have your class schedule and are cleared, you will be able to check in with Housing on the 2nd Floor of the Dobson Student Center from 1:00-5:00 to receive your Student ID and Keys. 

Housing Questions:
Health Services:

Commuting Students

It is still important for you to be on campus this date to ensure your schedule is set, you are cleared with the Business Office, and receive your Student ID. 




This day is for all new to Limestone Students (first-time freshmen and transfers). You will spend time getting to know other new students, learn all about Limestone from an expert LAUNCH Leader. We will cover class scheduling, getting to know the people and places on campus, and ensuring all new students can log in to all of Limestone’s online platforms. 


For any questions regarding LAUNCH:
Please contact Kelly Tillinghast, Director of Student Enrichment, at 864-488-4011 or

For Questions regarding Orientation or First-Year Advising:
Please contact the Office of Student Enrichment at 864-488-4011 or

For Questions regarding Housing:
Please contact the Housing Office at 864-488-8373 or

Undergraduate Costs for 2021-2022


FALL 2021
August - December

January - April

(Maximum 18 semester hours)
Day Student Fee$550$550
ROOM$2,282 - $3,195
depending on housing choice
$2,282 - $3,195
depending on housing choice

Housing Options

  • Ebert, Eunice Ford, Fort Hall, Greer, Ball Residence Halls - Double Occupancy: $2,282 per semester
  • Brown Residence Hall - Double Occupancy: $2,609 per semester
  • Off-campus Student Housing (Agape House, Griffith, Landon House, Smith House, The Cedars, Walton Ridge): $2,546 per semester
  • Ebert, Eunice Ford, Fort Hall, Greer, Ball Residence Halls - Single Occupancy: $3,195 per semester
  • Brown Residence Hall - Single Occupancy: $3,195 per semester
BOARD (MEAL PLAN)$2,584$2,584
  • Certain courses may require additional Laboratory or Music Fees - see Academic Catalog for details
  • Students who enroll in fewer than 12 semester hours are classified as part-time students. Part-time students pay $1050.00 per credit hour.
  • Students who wish to audit a course are assessed a $50.00 per credit hour fee.
  • Textbook costs vary by course. Students have the option to order books from the University's textbook vendor directly from their course schedules posted in the Halo.