Main Campus Parking Map

Instructional Facilities

Below are the buildings currently used for instruction at Limestone University.

Gaffney, South Carolina (Main Site - 1115 College Drive)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
Bob Campbell Field House Yes No No
Camp-Swofford Chapel No No No
Carroll Fine Arts Building Yes Yes* No
Curtis Administration Building Yes Yes** No
Winnie Davis Hall of History Yes No No
AJ Eastwood Library Yes No  
Fullerton Auditorium No No No
Granberry Hall Yes Yes*** No
Walt Griffin Physical Education Building Yes No No
Hamrick Hall of Science Yes Yes No
Limestone Theatre Yes No No
Montgomery Building Yes Yes*** No
Stephenson Dining Hall Yes No No
Timken East Yes No No
Timken Gymnasium No No No

Gaffney, South Carolina (Offsite - 101 North Granard Street)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
Downtown Campus Yes No No*****

Charleston, South Carolina (Offsite - 4500 Leeds Avenue)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Yes No No*****

Columbia, South Carolina (Offsite - 400 Arbor Lake Drive, #800A)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
Fontaine Business Center Yes No No*****

Florence, South Carolina (Offsite - 2724 West Palmetto Street, #6)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
2724 West Palmetto Street, #6 Yes No No*****

Greenville, South Carolina (Offsite - 25 Woods Lake Road, #601)

Building Classrooms Labs Libraries
25 Woods Lake Road, #601 Yes No No*****

Bob Campbell Field House, Curtis Administration Building, AJ Eastwood Library, Stephenson Dining Hall, and Timken East contain a classroom each; the primary purpose of each building is something other than instruction.

*           Music lab
**         Ceramics lab
***       Art lab
****     Finance lab
*****   Library resources are available online and print materials can be distributed to all instructional sites upon request.

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