Career Options for 10 Common Bachelor Degrees

Career Options for 10 Common Bachelor Degrees

No matter what bachelor’s degree you pursue, Limestone College will prepare you for a career in your field. As a student, balancing your schoolwork and assignments in addition to pursuing career opportunities can seem intimidating. Below, we list 10 of the most common bachelor’s degrees and career options for each one – designed to help get you thinking outside of your career and about potential jobs that you may not have considered before!

Nursing (RN-BSN Program)

The RN-BSN program opens up a lot of opportunities for career advancement. By obtaining your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you are able to obtain a variety of positions, such as management, education, care coordinators, and more. In addition to working in a hospital environment, you can also work in schools, in the military, and even for government offices and non-profit organizations.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration is ideal for students who are interested in administration or management positions, but who also have a desire to help other people. There are a variety of career options within this field, ranging from entry-level positions to senior management. This is a great career to work and gain experience in, while advancing your way to your dream job. Career options include healthcare account managers, case managers, hospital administrators, pharmaceutical sales, and consultants.

Human Resource Management

A bachelor’s in Human Resource Management will prepare you for the reality of managing large and small-scale companies and organizations. Human Resources is an essential department for any company! Career options include employee benefits manager, human resources recruiters, hiring manager, training manager, or employment interviewer. Positions like this range from entry level to mid-senior level, allowing plenty of room for career advancement.


Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology can expose you to a variety of careers and employment options across a multitude of industries. A psychology degree will prepare you to work with people, understand group and human behavior, and build a foundation for the analysis and treatment of behavioral problems and disorders. Career options within the psychology field include school counselors, social services directors, substance abuse counselors, psychologists, and more.

Criminal Justice

An exciting and ever-changing field, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice will prepare you to serve your community and apply the study of law enforcement, correctional systems, and judicial courts to make a positive impact. There are a variety of career options within this field, including corrections officers, police officers, police detectives, FBI agents, private investigators, and more.

Business Administration

Limestone Colleges offers five concentrations for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, including: Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing. These concentrations allow you to specifically study areas that you are most interested in, so that you will sharpen your skills and hone your knowledge to benefit you in the workplace. Career options include marketing specialists, accountants, financial officers,  entrepreneurs, and small-business owners.

Social Work

A Bachelor of Social Work will prepare you to work with families, organizations, and communities to create positive change through helping others. Career options in the social work field include domestic violence counselors, school system social workers, substance abuse counselors, hospice social workers, and community action workers.

Computer Science Information Technology

Limestone College offers three unique computer science concentrations: Computer and Information System Security, Information Technology, and Programming. Pursuing a specific concentration prepares you better for a specific field, where career options can be specialized depending on the specific industry. Computer science is an integral part of all industries, from higher education to hospitality! Career options include positions with private and public government agencies, independent institutions, as database analysts, administrators, and auditors.

Liberal Studies

A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides you with a strong background of broad preparation and experience for professional opportunities. Perfect for students who desire more flexibility in their studies, you have the opportunity to learn from various courses of study with a  focus on social sciences, arts, and humanities. A degree in liberal studies prepares you for a variety of career options because it can be tailored, while you’re in school, to a particular career path. Career options include business, entertainment, journalism, government, and more.

Human Resource Training and Development

With a bachelor’s in Human Resource Training and Development, you will be prepared for a variety of positions within Human Resources such as training managers, instructors, and training material developers.  This degree prepares you to teach others about the complexities of human resources, while giving you the skills and abilities to succeed in a fast-paced environment.

Of course, these career options for common bachelor’s degrees aren’t the only options that you will find on your job search. Your degree does not solely define what career path you choose, although it can be used to build a solid foundation to succeed upon in your industry. As you’re exploring career options, keep an open mind and carefully consider the jobs that are most appealing to you!