The Value of a Christian Education

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The Value of a Christian Education: What You Should Know About College 

As you think beyond high school, there are many factors to consider when choosing your college. Especially if you come from a Christian school or a family of strong faith, you’ll want to include Christian universities among your choices. Of course, you want academic excellence, the opportunity to grow and flourish, and the chance to meet new people from different parts of the country and the world. But a Christian education in college can give you all that and more. 

The Bigger Picture from a Christian Education  

You attend college to study a major and attain knowledge and skills that will help you find a fulfilling career. Most schools are well-equipped to teach the lessons of that career. Some have robust extracurricular sports, clubs, and activities. Many even offer opportunities to join organizations that may positively impact your future profession. But most focus almost single-mindedly on career, missing the big picture. If you want more than just a good career; if you want a good life, then you need to think of what’s truly important. Christian universities understand that our time on earth is brief and how we live our lives should be about more than just the attainment of material possessions. 

The Transformative Power of a Christian Education in College  

A Christian education can literally transform your perspective and your life. When the foundation of what you learn is The Truth (John 14:6: I am the way, and the truth, and the life.), you have a rock-solid start from which to build your true self, reach your potential, and dedicate your life to serving others.  

Renew Your Faith and Discover Its Depth 

A Christian curriculum includes classes on Bible studies, the history of religion, the intersection of science and religion, as well as spiritual formation and Christian ethics. Your lessons will integrate religious perspectives into the curriculum so you can see the deeper meanings of the topics and how they might be integrated into your major. You can also take courses on the history of Christianity and the Bible and participate in Bible study groups.  

Foster Your Fellowship at a Christian University  

At the heart of every Christian college is the chapel. Chapel is a great place to foster fellowship with others as well as deepen your devotion to Christ. When you attend chapel services, you’ll meet others who are spiritually minded. You’ll hear their struggles and testimonies. You’ll worship and pray together. You’ll be reminded that you are not alone on your college journey or in your life. And you may bond with others and become lifelong friends.  

Give of Yourself with a Christian Education 

Christian universities have missions that speak more to a life of giving than one of taking. That means while you’re on campus, you’ll find ample opportunities to get involved with projects that allow you to give yourself and your time to others. You could join community service projects to make an impact and meet locals. Projects could include community fundraisers, nursing home visits, food pantry assistance, or work at a soup kitchen.  

You may also have an opportunity for mission work that allows you to volunteer and serve abroad. Or you could join a Christian leadership program. You’ll learn from your mentors and peers and serve as an example for the rest of the student body. And as you give more of yourself to others, you’ll learn the deeper meaning of selflessness and sacrifice.  

Put Your Faith into Practice  

Every day, you’ll be reminded of your faith when you study on a Christian campus. You can start the day in prayer and move in gratitude throughout the day. You’ll learn to serve others and to think with theology in mind. Most of all, you’ll be part of a community that you can learn from and grow with.  

Broaden Your Perspective at a Christian College 

Not every student who attends a Christian college is a Christian. You may encounter students of all faiths and backgrounds, as well as Christian students who are in different stages of their spiritual growth. This can challenge you to expand your perspective on humanity. You might learn to be more compassionate, tolerant, and inclusive. You’ll also learn how to communicate and collaborate with people from all walks of life, which are important skills that you can carry with you into your career.  

A Christian education can prepare you for a rewarding professional life and help you develop socially, emotionally, and spiritually. If you’re ready to start your transformative journey, contact Limestone University today. We offer degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, and health professions. Click the button to learn more.  

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