Limestone University's Call Me MiSTER Program Holding Bow Tie Day In Remembrance of Alumnus Stephen L. Jennings

Charles Wyatt
Bow Tie Day

Limestone University’s Call Me MiSTER program will soon be celebrating “Bow Tie Day” in remembrance of Stephen L. Jennings, a Limestone alumnus who tragically passed away in 2022.

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, all members of the Limestone community are invited to honor Jennings by wearing bows and bowties, a favorite fashion choice of Jennings and part of the enduring legacy he has left behind.

Jennings was on staff at Limestone from 2014 through 2021, beginning as an Assistant Testing Center Proctor. He became the Coordinator of the Testing Center in 2015 and became the Coordinator of Limestone University’s Call Me MiSTER program in 2019. Prior to coming to Limestone University, Jennings served as a Student Success Coordinator at Spartanburg Methodist College.

At the time of his passing, Jennings also worked as a music teacher at Sims Middle School in Union County, a position he had held since August 2021.

Limestone and the Call Me MiSTER program celebrated the life of Jennings with a special service on the front campus in May of 2022. During the celebration, Jennings was posthumously named an honorary member of the Call Me MiSTER program.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Limestone University and served as a Resident Assistant for over two years. He received a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from DePaul University and was working toward a Doctorate in Educational Practice and Innovation from the University of South Carolina.

The overall goal of the Call Me MISTER program is to increase diversity in the classroom, but it is also the mission of the program to give minority students the hope of aspiring to be a teacher, and to become leaders in their communities.