Limestone University Alum Provides Gift To Establish Scholarship To Grow Economic Opportunity Through Access

Charles Wyatt
Kep Disney 2022

A recent $100,000 gift from Limestone University alum Richard Kepple “Kep” Disney Jr. has established the Saints First Scholarship, an endowed scholarship for first-generation students that is intended to open doors to advancement beyond the boundaries set by their socioeconomic backgrounds. 

The scholarship will provide financial assistance to incoming first-generation students pursuing any major who graduated high school with at least a 2.5 grade point average and who are American citizens.

The Saints First Scholarship is intended to support the University’s mission statement, to serve students from diverse backgrounds by creating opportunities that might not have otherwise existed. By creating degree programs with clear pathways to employment, Limestone’s goal is for its students to graduate and to be positioned as ideal job candidates. 

“Limestone gave me an opportunity many years ago to complete my college degree,” explained Disney, who graduated from Limestone in 1996. “That degree advanced my work career and provided new opportunities for my family. My life journey, enhanced by my experience at Limestone University as an alumnus, advocate, and member of the Board of Trustees, shows me the importance of providing a degree opportunity to first-generation students. The Saints First Scholarship Fund is my idea to help achieve that goal. I hope others will feel like I do and contribute to the new scholarship fund.”

To learn more about the scholarship or to make a gift toward it, contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Kelly Curtis by calling (864) 488-4601 or by email at