Code & Name

SW610 - Advanced Social Welfare Policy and Services

Course Description

The course is also designed to prepare students to systematically analyze social problems and to gain an understanding of the social welfare system in the U.S.  Content includes the scope of social welfare development and systems of service, the funding authority and patterns of service delivery, and how political and social ideologies influence policy development. This review includes investigation of local, state, federal and international levels and the understanding that policy is a function of social, political, and economic context and transitions. The evolution, and current status, of the profession of social work, is described as it interfaces with social welfare development, policies, and practices.  The role of discrimination, oppression, and inequality in the establishment and implementation of social welfare policies and services is also explored.  Social problems of ongoing concern including poverty, health care, and rural issues are highlighted and gaps in policies and programs especially as they link to social and economic justice, diversity, populations at risk, and social work ethics and values are assessed.