Code & Name

KI327 - Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Course Description

While this course is designed to provide accurate and evidence-based information, the main focus is to assist individuals in moving through the journey of adopting and maintaining more healthful eating and physical activity behaviors that can result in improved health and quality of life. This course is designed to provide a foundation of nutritional knowledge as well as develop a pattern of healthy eating that is sustainable. This course will also include a foundation of knowledge related to physical activity and exercise. These two key lifestyle behaviors are brought together under the umbrella of calorie balance which is the understanding of how we balance caloric input and caloric expenditure. Ultimately, this information can only be of value if individuals understand how to engage in these vital behaviors within their daily lives. This course addresses these issues and provides information on effective strategies for adopting and maintaining these targets to improve health, well-being, and quality of life.