What are Transfer Partnerships?

What are Transfer Partnerships?

While searching for an online or evening bachelor’s program, you’ve likely run across some information on various transfer partnerships and agreements.  If you’ve already taken undergraduate courses, the ability to transfer those credits toward your bachelor’s degree is likely a high priority to save you time and money.  Here is a quick guide to decoding what types of transfer partnerships exist, and what they mean for you.

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement is another name for transfer partnership - these partnerships are a formal agreement between two or more colleges or universities that documents the transfer policies for a specific academic program or a degree in general.  These agreements create a clear expectation for exactly which courses from one institution will transfer into another. 

Articulation agreements can exist on a school by school basis, but oftentimes, these agreements span across regions or states.  For example, Limestone has partnerships with Technical Colleges throughout South Carolina that allows them to accept Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees granted by an SC Technical College as transfer credit to fulfill Limestone’s general education requirement.

As you search for an online or evening bachelor’s program, do research on the types of articulation agreements or transfer partnerships that a particular institution offers.

Transfer Guides

Because articulation agreements and transfer partnerships can exist on a program by program basis, many institutions offer transfer guides by major.  These databases will make it easier for you to not only know which courses will transfer, but how these courses will transfer into your particular major of interest.

Transfer guides can also exist on a school by school basis, so be sure to check an institution’s website to see if they have an agreement with your specific community or technical college.  Taking advantage of these partnerships will allow you to complete your degree more quickly, saving you both time and money.

“+” Programs

If you are entertaining the idea of attending graduate school after you receive your bachelor’s degree, now is the time to start considering the most efficient way to transition into your desired graduate program.

Some institutions offer “+” programs, such as Limestone’s 2+1 program.  For students that are looking to set themselves apart from their peers, this unique program allows students to graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Business Administration in only 3 years. 

As you research the most efficient way to transfer credits into a bachelor’s degree, be sure to think long-term, and take advantage of dual bachelor’s/master’s programs that may be offered at institutions you are interested in.

Articulation agreements and transfer partnerships exist to make your life easier.  Completing your bachelor’s degree can be a seamless process, so take advantage of the transfer agreements that exist with your community or technical college.  If you’re ready to get more information on the transfer partnerships at Limestone, contact one of our enrollment experts today.