How to Get Active on Campus When You Take Classes Online

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How to Get Active on Campus When You Take Classes Online 

Just because you’re taking online courses doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your on-campus peers. It might take a bit more effort to say “hey” to your classmates when the courses are virtual, but it’s actually pretty easy and definitely worth it. Start in your virtual classroom, but then check out all your school has to offer for organizations, clubs, volunteer opportunities, athletics, and more. There’s a whole lot you can do virtually, but don’t be afraid to come to campus, get involved, and be active.

Start in Your Virtual Classroom  

If you want to get active on campus, get active in class. Show up, do the work, add your insight in class, and post thoughtful responses to discussion boards. Let your personality shine through! And consider joining or forming a study group. It’s a great way to keep up with your studies, get better grades, and interact with classmates outside of class. Start a Wiki, a Facebook group, or set up standing Zoom meetings or Google Meet for people to attend. And if your virtual classmates are local to you, get together in person. You could even meet on campus. 

Get Active on Social Media  

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, search for your school and give them a follow. There may be multiple accounts for advising and athletics as well as the different student organizations on campus. Following them can keep you informed on the latest news and announcements from your school and help you feel like you’re on campus even when you’re not. You can also create a LinkedIn account and begin to connect with your classmates. Since they’ll work in the same industry as you, this is a great way to start and build your professional network. 

Attend Events on Campus 

It doesn’t matter if you go to a football game, hit the school library, or attend chapel on campus, just make an effort to visit your university once in a while. You may be learning online, but you can still participate in plenty of on-campus activities. The same goes for clubs and student organizations. Join them! Some may even allow you to do so virtually. You may be able to Skype, IM, or text the members to keep in touch.  

Start an Online Book Group or Bible Study  

College can be a time of intellectual and spiritual awakening. Find or join an online book group or Bible study group. You can choose books that touch upon shared interests or select Bible passages that allow you to delve more deeply into your faith. You don’t have to miss out on deep conversations with on-campus peers just because you study online.  

Connect with Your Instructors 

Don’t forget to communicate with your instructors on a regular basis. Since you won’t share classroom space with them, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you need help or clarification on something. Your professors are there to help you. They can also be great sources of career advice, especially since they have knowledge of your field or have worked in it themselves. Reach out to schedule a video conference and ask them any questions you have about the industry. Their advice, and even their connections in the field, could prove valuable as you start your career.  

As an online student, you can find ways to connect with your peers on campus and benefit from the flexibility of remote learning. At Limestone University, we offer online programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, and health professions. Click the button to learn more.  

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