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Theatre (B.A.)


Theatre (B.A.) Pursue your dreams, while preparing for … English education, and theatre management. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences See This Degree in the Academic Catalog …

English - Theater


… English - Theater An English/Theatre major emphasizes traditional English skills such as … screenwriting, dramaturgy, education law, library studies, arts management. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fast Facts …

Studio Art


… Studio Art Earning a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts from Limestone provides a solid foundation for … and exposure through the Juried Student Exhibition and our fine arts publication The Candelabra. The faculty strives to … - 2D Design AR110 - Introduction to Digital Tools and Media AR120 - Introduction to Graphic Design AR200 - …

English Education


… its goals and application processes. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Mathematics Education Bachelor of Science (B.S.) …

Professional Communication


… interdisciplinary program that includes a strong liberal arts foundation and courses in Writing, Speaking, Graphic … Marketing, and Communication Studies across multiple media. The major in Professional Communication is an … handling communications in the areas of writing, social media, marketing, digital video production, promotions …

Fine Arts


Fine Arts … 17285 … 17310 … 17291 …

About Limestone University's Fine Arts Program


… About Limestone University's Fine Arts Program … 17302 … 17306 …

Music Education


… Music Education The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education provides the proper training … teacher of music. Related Occupations The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education provides essential training, … Info No Display Related News Below Faculty Yes Visit the Fine Arts Website Future Music Students Course Requirements …

Criminal Justice


… will become conversant in these areas. The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree program gives students the … within political structures with attention given to legal, social, managerial, and administrative issues as well as the … admission requirements . Related Occupations A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice will help prepare graduates for job …

Nursing (Pre-licensure - BSN)


… - Elementary Statistics ID150 - The Saint Experience   One Fine Arts course and one History survey course. See the Academic …

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